Parente’s sponsors

Pictures emerging from Tuesday’s GP2 test at Montmeló show the ORT car driven by Alvaro Parente with some sponsorship:

– Energy drink Soccerade is prominent on the engine cover.  This Icelandic company already supported Alvaro’s 2008 season with Super Nova and continues.  I need to investigate the Portuguese/Brazilian link with this firm, since they have Parente’s fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo (aka CR7) as their brand ambassador.  Also, Felipe Massa’s drink bottle is sponsored by Soccerade…. not a coincidence.

– The Portimao circuit is now featured on the sidepods, both on Parente’s and  Karun Chandhok’s car.  ORT is based at Portimao, so it seems fitting that some sorparente-montmelot of alliance comes out of their collective interests.

– Portuguese mobile operator TMN (Portugal Telecom) is just under the cockpit, and may be the Portuguese sponsor that Tiago Monteiro had promised.  By their location on the bodywork, it does not seem like a deal worth much money, though at this stage every little bit helps.

– The red triangle logo just below the cockpit belongs to Delta Cafes, a Portuguese distributor of coffee to restaurants and bars.  Again, the logo size points that it’s not a relevant sponsor, but at least more cash to support Parente’s season.

Maybe with this new blood in the team, Parente’s budget could help ORT approach breakeven for 2009.  Like I said before, Monteiro could be wishing he had waited to take over BCN Competición last November.


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