Montmeló wrap-up… see you at Montmeló

Yesterday’s test at Montmeló wraps up the pre-season testing for the GP2 Main Series.  No more testing, except Friday practice during race weekends.  A few new conclusions to make:

– Alvaro Parente confirms he is very much at ease at this track.  He won his maiden race in GP2 last year here.  Also to note that his performance is a strong testament of the good shape of the BCN Competición cars acquired a couple of months ago.  Could he win Ocean’s first race in GP2 Main?

– Javi Villa continues to show good test form, much like previous years.  Super Nova teammate Luca Filippi has also had a solid pre-season, a start that points for some optimism in David Sears’ team.  Surprise team in 2009?

– The 2 ART drivers (and cars) are not shining as expected.  Both Maldonado and Hulkenberg have been in and out of the top 10, finishing 10th and 17th respectively on the timesheets after all 3 days in Barcelona.  Excessive confidence?

– Lucas DiGrassi is starting off 2009 where he left off 2008.  He is clearly the favourite for the driver’s title and has shown his speed and leadership at both pre-season tests.   Anyone betting against him?  (see the polls on the blog)

-Romain Grosjean doesn’t seem his usual self at Barwa Addax.  Where in 2008 he was the only focus of ART’s attention, to the detriment of Luca Filippi, at Barwa he has to share protagonism with team veteran Vitaly Petrov.  Unhappy already?

-The so-called “GP2 Backmarkers” are just where they should be – at the end, with few exceptions shining through: Parente and Valsecchi who are the only race-winning hope for this group of teams.  Who will not make it to the end of the season?

So we have a bit over a month ahead of us to wait and see these cars in action again at Montmeló, only this time racing for real.  1 seat still available at DPR and 2 seats at Trident.  I will follow closely and comment on rumours regarding who may fill these seats.


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