GP2 Asia has its Asian champ… perfect excuse to call it quits

kobachampWell, Bruno Michel must be happy with himself this week.  He has reached the target of having an Asian driver win the GP2 Asia Series, as Kamui Kobayashi took the title this weekend in Bahrain.   Just as a note, the next Asian driver was Sakon Yamamoto in 9th, and then Hamad Al Fardan in 20th.  Not much of a talent pool, especially when considering Kobayashi is the Toyota test driver and Yamamoto is an F1-refugee driving for ART.

More than happy, though, Bruno Michel should actually be relieved and it should make for the perfect excuse to end this ill-fated invention on a “high note” (I’m being generous, of course, but any reason isgood to kill GP2 Asia).

I will not rant again about all the misgivings of GP2 Asia, but rather make a call for the organization to be rational and make a decent call for once.

Just as a brief summary, the numbers and facts speak for themselves:

– 42 drivers ended up contesting the 6 races
– Exactly half (21 drivers), failed to score at least one point, strengthening the theory that many were there to “fill the gap”
– 10 drivers (24%) participated in only 1 race… none of these scored a single point, strongly supporting the argument made in the previous point
– The real paying drivers in this series (13 of them total) were concentrated in 5 of the 13 teams:

  • DAMS:  Kobayashi and d’Ambrosio
  • Piquet:  Rodriguez and Nunes
  • Campos: Petrov and Perez
  • Arden:  Razia and Mortara
  • iSport: van der Garde and Al Fardan
  • The other 3:  Yamamoto (ART), Jakes (DPR), Valsecchi (Durango… though at a very, very low budget)

– Curiously, where did these 13 guys place?  All but Jakes and Al Fardan in the Top 13.  Only Hulkenberg was able to crack this list with an unpaid drive (basically his GP2 test in preparation for GP2 Main, just like Maldonado)

What this means is that if you paid, you got the good drive and the license to go win some races.  If you were brought in (the other 29 drivers), you better not wreck it!

Back to the point, Bruno Michel should realize that now is the best time to call it quits.  His objectives have been met:  Kobayashi is champ and half the grid is bankrupt.


2 Responses to GP2 Asia has its Asian champ… perfect excuse to call it quits

  1. Mekola says:

    Today was announced the closure of Speedcar series – this could lead to the closing of GP2 Asia, too.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Mekola – Thanks for the information. Let’s hope for the sake of the series and the teams, that this is another good reason to shut down GP2 Asia.

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