GP2 Main grid complete… for now

With 3 days to the season opener at Montmelo, we now know who will fill the 3 empty seats in GP2.   According to Italiaracing, enternal fill-in Giacomo Ricci will be at DPR and Trident will field Davide Rigon and Ricardo Teixeira.

Clearly, at least one seat in each of these 2 teams is a non-paying drive.  Both Ricci and Rigon have been filling in for these teams for the past several months, and both Herck (DPR) and Salvadori (Trident) prefer to field a money-losing car than risk the economic fine and the likely wrath of Bruno Michel.

DPR situation: André Herck is effectively subsidizing 2 drivers at this point: Ricci and his son Michael.  Sounds like an unsustainable deal, no matter how wealthy.   The team is bleeding heavily, and may actually have to fold before Trident.  As mentioned in the previous post, David Price’s departure does not help at all.

Trident situation: Regarding the Milanese team, I still need to dig a bit more regarding Teixeira’s contract.   Traditionally backed by Angolan oil firm Sonangol, I am not sure if he is on a race-by-race deal or if they have signed a season-long contract.  Teixeira’s cash is helping pay for Rigon’s expenses, but no matter how much money he has put on the table, Trident is drowning in debt and will continue to do so.

Interestingly, Italiaracing also reports that Hamad Al Fardan will be stepping in for Rigon after Monaco.  I will try and confirm this, but it makes little sense to skip 2 races if the agreement is there.  Since Rigon, a very good driver, has no cash, why would you sit him in the car now if you know Al Fardan is coming?  Normally, you would prefer to sign drivers as soon as possible, deferring non-paid driver for the end of the season.  Money in the pocket is critical.

Bottom line, and as mentioned many times in my posts, the musical chairs game in GP2 has only just started.  Not only are Ricci and Rigon here temporarily, but many others have signed for amounts that will not last the whole season.


3 Responses to GP2 Main grid complete… for now

  1. Francois says:

    The situation of André Herck is absolutly perfect.

    This guy is able to buy Trident and FMSI and Durango if he wants.

    He does a very good deal pushing out David Price and buying the 49% remaining shares for only 75000 euros.

    On Friday before the last race in Bahrain he told to Andy Miller that he doesn’t need him anymore. It is absolutly not Andy miller who leave the team but he was pushing out by A. Herck. You can ask to all the team.

    In Barcelona DPR will be helped by a new engineer G. Bussolatti who works also for Dallara.

    In january 2008 David Price was very near bankruptcy and if André Herck doesn’t buy the team ; GP2 will give the cars to Prema powerteam.

    The deal has be done only one hour before DPR is near to loose there cars.

    Now with only 75000 euros more André Herck own 100 % of DPR a very good deal.

    DPR at the opposite from many other teams will not have any money problem and be carefull than A. Herck is able to buy one or 2 other teams.

    DPR is in so ” big financial difficulties ” than Michael Herck will do the tests and the race in F3000 in Portimao.

    So don’t worry DPR is for the moment the only team who is absolutly sure to have one driver for the 2009 Main series and for the 2010 Asian series and also for the 2010 Main series. Which other team can tell that ?

    • gp2 insider says:


      Interesting comments on DPR, though I must disagree with your opinion. First, in buying out David Price, you have to take into account the debt that the team has and how André Herck is now 100% liable for that debt. At this point, and given the immediate outlook for GP2, I think David Price gets a better deal than Herck.

      Regarding buying more teams and his financial situation, I doubt Herck is interested in doing anything of that sort. I would venture to say he too is looking into cutting his losses short at DPR. He not only has to pay for the team but also for his son’s seat. He is wealthy, but he is also a sharp businessman.

      • Francois says:

        But in any case david Price don’t put any money in the team.

        When Herck has bought the first 51 % a big part of the amount around 600 000 euros serve to pay all the debt. So for the moment there are no special debt in DPR. In front of GP2 all Asian invoices are completly paid and around 50 000 euros have to be paid in a few days.

        But David Price take in this company 180 000 euros a year as salary and around 130 000 for the renting of the workshop the truck and the trailer.

        That’s mean David Price reveice around 310 000 euros a year from his company when this company was near bankrupcy and have deby of more than 450 000 euros in front of GP2.

        With this Herck was not agree and it was most of the reason he push David out.

        Herck buy cash a new truck Man 70 000 euros a few month ago but he put this truck in an other of his companies like this he is the only owner of this truck and don’t have to share with David.

        Now the value of the 4 cars, 4 gearboxes and 2 engines ( Asian ) and all what is inside the company is around 75 % of the price Herck paid for 100 % of the company.

        You think he does a bad deal ? ?

        For the rest he prefer to have Ricci who is a nice guy and correct person than a driver who’s have only 300 000 euros and create always trouble.

        More or a guy who’s he shake is hand for an agreement and the day after, this person tell him ” I change my mind talking with my son “.

        Don’t worry for the father Herck he always habe bought companies in big difficulties.

        Michael was 6 time national champion in karting and single seater.
        His brother Andréa does horse jumping and won last year the ” French Big National of Jumping ” in junior and this year he leads the ” young ridres “. His father bought for him the biggest french stable a few month ago.

        So if you compar the results of the sons Herck who won 7 national tittles and the results of the 2 engineers Pascal Tortosa and Enzo Castorino ( Bas Leinders and Stephana Sarazin for Pascal and Michael Schumaker for Enzo. ) with all the results of David Price who from 10 years never won nothing don’t worry for Herck.

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