Brazil leads the way

With the arrival of Luiz Razia, Bradriver-countries-listjpgzil becomes the country where the highest number of GP2 drivers come from.

Statistically, we could say the origin of GP2 drivers is highly skewed towards 6 nations which have provided just over 50% of the 84 drivers that have raced in GP2 Main since 2005.

In total, 30 countries have had drivers in GP2, with 15 of them (exactly half), with just a single representative since the series was launched in 2005.

In this list of 1 driver countries it is surprising to find USA (Scott Speed), Austria (Mathias Lauda) and Mexico (Sergio Perez) – countries with certain motorsports tradition but for which their drivers (and/or sponsors) have not taken to much.

It’s true that some countries with multiple drivers have had “testimonial” representation by several who have raced 1 or 2 races at most.  This is the case of:

  • Mikhail Aleshin (Russia): 2 races with ART
  • Filipe Albuquerque (Portugal): 2 races with Racing Engineering and Arden
  • Henri Karjalainen (Finland): 1 race with BCN
  • Toni Vilander (Finland): 2 races with Coloni
  • Paolo Nocera (Italy): 1 race with BCN
  • Marcello Puglisi (Italy): 1 race with Durango

This doesn’t alter the final list much, though, and I think it is relevant to think how countries with the strongest racing tradition are on top, even if GP2 is the most expensive racing category for young drivers.  Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Japan and UK are countries that have had a presence in motorsports history for decades.

Interesting to note that of these countries, only 2 of the 4 GP2 champs have emerged:  Lewis Hamilton and Giorgio Pantano.  Germany, who boasts the other 2 GP2 champs (Rosberg and Glock) has had a total of 4 drivers in the series… an impressive 50% championship hit rate!

Just for fun, a detail of the top 6 countries represented in GP2:country-flags-gp21


2 Responses to Brazil leads the way

  1. JPS says:

    Sorry, but that is wrong…
    Portugal had 3 drivers: Filipe Albuquerque (as you said, in the past, now he is on A1GP) and this season will have two more (that already did some races on GP2): Álvaro Parente and Ricardo Teixeira (you may say he is Angolan, but he was born in Portugal, and the official GP2 website says he is Portuguese)

    • gp2 insider says:


      Thanks for the clarification. I assume he has changed licenses to race in GP2. I will change the graph and put it back up.

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