Quick comments on Spanish GP

Tomorrow I will post my full impressions on this weekend’s race, I wanted to make a couple of quick comments.

The superiority of Barwa Addax in race 1 was somewhat insulting.  I heard all sorts of mumblings and conspiracy theories about the Agag-Briatore-Bernie connection, but for now I think it is too early for such comments.   Truth is, drivers like DiGrassi and Maldonado did their best to not fight for wins this weekend.

DiGrassi seemed to suffer from stagefright as was consistently slow at race pace.  Like I have said many times before, DiGrassi – the eternal runner-up – seems to lack that winner’s hunger.  Is the “favorite” tag too much pressure for him?

Pastor was his usual inconsistent self, making for great spectator racing but in detriment of his points tally.  He’s still my championship favorite, but he needs to start being less spectacular and more effective.  Lucky for him his favorite track, Monaco, is next.

Apart from these, impressive performance from Mortara and D’Ambrosio, who started to show his quality towards the end of last season and solidified it with a strong GP2 Asia run.   For Mortara, I hope the Italian media does not start to destroy him with rumours on him being the next Italian star.

Tomorrow, a detailed driver-by-driver evaluation and some insider comments on GP2 budgets.


3 Responses to Quick comments on Spanish GP

  1. Big' says:

    I’m disappointed with some opinion on Barwa Addax….
    Every time when Grosjean wins some pepole thinks that Grosjean is overrated or his team cheat.

    When it’s not Art it’s Barwa Addax…

    You’ve just to see where is ART now.

    Grosjeean and d’Ambrosio were the best rookies in 2008 and they are in a very good team this year so they dominates.

    Grosjean is a great driver and Grosjean imo was at equal with Filipi in 2008.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    I agree with you completely, and it is exactly why I said it is too early to be thinking Grosjean or his team has an unfair advantage.

    Where I do have to disagree with you is when you say Romain and Filippi were equals at ART in 2008. I know personally this is not the case, and not from Filippi but from ART itself.

    Nevertheless, Grosjean is a great driver and he will be fighting for the title. The only way he may not be in the title hunt is if he gets called up by Flavio to replace Nelsinho at Renault F1.

  3. Francois says:


    1st Grosjean RDD driver and Barwa addax ( next F1 team Briatore – Agag )

    2nd Di Grassi managed by Mathieu Michel ( the brother of Bruno Michel )

    3rd Petrov Barwa Addax ( next F1 team Briatore – Agag )

    Very Fair Championship. And nobody says nothing ! ! !

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