Post-race evaluations – Spanish GP

My first full driver evaluations, after this weekend’s Spanish GP.   Format is:  Rate and comment on Top 6 and Bottom 4 drivers.  Look forward to hearing comments on content and design.Evals Spain GP top 6

eval Spain GP rest

Evals Spain GP bott 4


16 Responses to Post-race evaluations – Spanish GP

  1. Daniel Rivera Martin says:

    very good blog!!! It´s very interesting and elegant.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Hope to keep posting interesting and relevant stuff for everyone.

  2. JPS says:

    Now in Teixeira you can put the Angolan flag! xD

    That guy is being taken by the Sonangol money… He should have waited for better preparation in order to enter GP2…

    Chandhok was bad… I hope ORT won’t suffer a lot by having him on the team

    Parente was just awesome!! He went for 14th to 9th in the first lap, and then was fighting for the 5th/6th/7th place and had that accident…
    In the second race he begun almost last, and then had the most amazing climb to 11th!

    I predict that ORT will do very well with Parente!!

    • gp2 insider says:

      Actually, one of your Portuguese countrymen gave me a hard time for putting Teixeira as Angolan, and pointed me to the GP2 Series site which says he is racing under a Portuguese flag, so I will refer to him as Portuguese from now on. We are all well aware of his Sonangol money, which hopefully (and I mean this with the best of intentions), will help pay for some tests with F3000 or similar. The jump from F3 to GP2 is only manageable for some drivers. Hope to see you improving, Ricardo!

      • JPS says:

        It was me that gave you the hard time! xD
        But since he has so bad results (only now i’ve seen his results on GP2 Asia) maybe you could go back to the Angolan flag! xD Just kiddin’
        Good or bad, he is Portuguese (with Angolan money)… And Portugal has here one awesome pilot (Parente) and a not so good (Teixeira).

        gp2insider, you have been in the GP2 for a long time (more than I definitely) so, how do you think the Ocean Racing Technology team will be this year? BTW, their website is already online!! And its amazing!

        • gp2 insider says:

          Sorry JPS! Didn’t realize it was you! I think we need to give Teixeira a bit of time, but I also think it is way too risky to put him in this car without any serious seat time with similar machines. His GP2 Asia race and GP2 Main test do not seem to have been enough. In the past, there have been similar “backmarkers” like Can Artam, but never this bad.

          Regarding Ocean, I think they are already realizing how difficult running a successful GP2 operation can be. They have definitely a top driver with Alvaro Parente, and it will be in his hands to make this team survive 2009. Chandhok has little to look for in GP2 and is running out the budget he could gather for this season.

          Monteiro is a good brand name to help bring in Alvaro and his limited group of sponsors, but unless ORT can win a race or two, they will have trouble next season. If you read my older posts on “the three GP2 realities” you can see what I mean exactly.

          ORT site shows “under construction” still. Do you have a different URL?

  3. JPS says:

    The design is awesome! 😉
    Great work 😉

    I hope to see the same as this, but for the team 😉

  4. JPS says:

    I forgot to had that its only in Portuguese for now!

  5. Stephen Rees says:

    GP2 Insider, I think your very generous to give Teixeira a bit of time, but I don’t think it’ll help the poor sod. He was in British F3 for 4 years and didn’t once look like he’d amount to anything more then a perennial midfielder. Taking this power hike was bound to be a disaster, I don’t think he’d be able to handle F2, let alone GP2! I expect him to be the Yuji Ide of GP2, and going by last weekend, I wont be disappointed…

    On a lighter note my three favourites showed well; Parente showed good pace so I’m hopeful for the season ahead, D’Ambrosio went about his business in a solid, if not spectacular manor and Crazy Maldonado didn’t disappoint at all, you’ve got to love attitude to racing, it’s certainly good for us at home but isn’t so great for his point haul.

    Looking forward to Monaco already. 🙂

    • gp2 insider says:

      Stephen –

      You’re probably right about Teixeira, though if I was in Salvadori’s place (Trident owner) I would care very little about his driving abilities at this point. I know I’m being generous and let’s hope he keeps out of everyone’s way at Monaco. I love the “Yuji Ide of GP2” line! Brilliant…

      I agree on your 3 favourite drivers. With Parente at Ocean, we’ll be able to really see if an “inferior car” (ex-BCN Competición) can win races and be in the points consistently. If not, and knowing Parente is a solid driver, we can continue to formulate our conspiracy theories regarding GP2.

      • gp2 insider says:


        Were you able to watch the GP2 races?

      • Stephen Rees says:

        Yeah, I was thankfully GP2 insider. A couple of live webstreams were posted around the net, I watched the Catalonian TV3 coverage on Saturday, and La Sexta (Spanish) on Sunday. I was impressed by the coverage on both, even though I couldn’t understand anything they were saying other then the names of the teams, drivers, and randomly, Bernie Ecclestone, who got mentioned many times during the races… :/

        • gp2 insider says:

          Stephen – where were those links posted? Could come in handy at some point…. thanks

          • Stephen Rees says:

            Yes they were, I’d post them here but these things have a habit of being shut down by FOM when discovered. Does your blog have an email address which I could send the link to, just to be safe?

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