Parente falls in the “GP2 trap”

I was very surprised to read in the online edition of Autosport the comments from Alvaro Parente saying his team, Ocean Racing Technology, “lacks pace”.

I’m sorry, Alvaro, but you have fallen victim of the “GP2 trap”, blaming the team for your lack of speed.  In a category such as GP2, where all cars use the same chassis, engine and tyres, you cannot openly place the responsibility of a crappy weekend on your team.  Bottom line, if your team “lacks pace” you lack pace.

Knowing well that Ocean is the ex-BCN squad, and blaming this legacy for your mediocre weekend doesn’t speak very highly of you and your loyalty as a driver.

Main comments to highlight:

  • “The pace was not that impressive”
  • “So I think we are missing general pace, and we’ll have to see why that is because we’re not right there. For sure we have to improve.”
  • “For Saturday’s race I had the car to finish sixth. No better.”

If I was Tiago Monteiro or Jose Guedes, I would pull my fellow countryman aside and pull on his ears.  What are you talking about, Alvaro??  Maybe you mean your lack of pace or saying I have to improve.  GP2 is a driver’s category, and the fact that you are too slow may mean 2 things:  you suck as a race driver or you suck as a race setup driver.

I think Parente needs to breathe in deeply, erase his rage for the crash that took him out from a brilliant race on Saturday and regroup for Monaco next week.   This is not F1, companheiro…


8 Responses to Parente falls in the “GP2 trap”

  1. JPS says:

    Parente is right, and Monteiro knows it…
    The team had some problems this weekend (you can see because since the last time ORT had trained in Barcelona, they lost almost 2 seconds!) and Monteiro already said thats true…

    Parente is an awesome pilot, and the fact that he climbed so much on both races (from a bad pole places) and in the first race we was almost on top-5…

    The team knows how good he is, and knows that he is one of the two best Portuguese pilots right now (the other beeing Filipe Albuquerque, from Portugal A1GP Team)…

    The team already admited those faults, and are doing everything they can to solve those problems until the Monaco race…

    I think you were not compreensive for this new GP2 team, a brand new team, that wants to become a top team, and needs time to do that…
    It has the basics from BCN, but they had to change almost everything… Most of the mechanics are new… There are Spanish, Portuguese, English and even one Australian and one from New Zeland mechanics… Its all new… And they already have an average race… Only the two errors by both pilots made that ORT had to begin the season with two retirements…

    • gp2 insider says:

      I agree Parente is one of the best GP2 drivers out there, and definitely the best Portuguese driver today. Parente needs to be more prudent in his words, and just as you say, be patient with a “new” team such as ORT. Speaking out like he did does not help a growing team.

      If Monteiro knows that he has problems as you say, he should then keep his driver in check and suggest that he be more humble and keep the problems in-house.

  2. Fletcher says:

    It´s important for Parente to tell a new team that the team lacks pace. It´s do or die for Parente this season so he is under the gun. Formula one drivers do it all the time. He should however keep it private between him and his engineers. Telling the whole world doesn´t serve a purpose

  3. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I’m from a Portuguese radio programme about motorsports, and I’m friend with Parente. What he said is true, and that you all shouldn’t disagree, even because Monteiro said to me the same thing! xD

    According to Tiago Monteiro, ORT didn’t have a strong pace in Montmeló because of the circuit conditions, and not because of the lack of pace from Parente.

    Yours trully,
    Diogo Oliveira

    • gp2 insider says:


      Wonderful comments… thank you for your insight. If you read the post and all the comments that have come later, I think we all agree on the same thing. No one is questioning Parente’s pace or the lack of ORT’s pace, only that after the first race of the season and with a new team, it’s not the best of media strategies to have your star driver commenting on these issues openly. Only this! Parente was on-track for a points finish on Saturday and we all know he’s one of the 5 best drivers this year, so please don’t misunderstand that my post is just to suggest that Alvaro needs to put his head down, work hard and overcome the possible issues with the team. He’s a champion and this is the role he is expected to play.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Beautiful blog by the way. I will add it to my blog list.

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