GP2 guys at Portimao

This afternoon’s F3000 race at Portimao had 4 current GP2 drivers on the grid.  That would make for some rather bland news, except for the fact that the total grid was made up of 11 drivers!

I will not go ahead and criticize the sad state of F3000 (this is a GP2 blog), but just comment that even with the arrival of Party Poker as a series sponsor and a 2010 GP2 drive as an incentive, this category is failing to find its place in the current motorsports sector.

What I will comment on is the presence of these 4 drivers:  Maldonado, Herck, Rodriguez and Nunes.   A simple question… what the heck are you doing there?  If you want to learn the Portimao track there are better ways to do it.  If you were there to fill in at Coloni’s sad show, then at least I hope you got paid for it.  I’m glad at least Maldonado won the race.

But the bottom line is a message (though a weak one for now), that GP2 drivers are looking for track time.  With in-season tests banned for 2009, drivers with the budget or the connections to get 500+ BHP single-seaters are doing so, regardless of how crappy the category or the show.   Should GP2 allow for open testing, and not restricted like it is today?


4 Responses to GP2 guys at Portimao

  1. fletcher says:

    They should just ban all current drivers from racing another series to gain an advantage over other drivers period. Testing during the season will only increase costs. Of course rookie drivers are at a disadvantage but there are simulators out there.

  2. Francois says:

    In any case what will do GP2 next year ? ? ?

    The Asian series cars are owned by the team. Also the engine.

    Bruno Michel wlii try to says not but somes team will go in front of a tribunal because the Asian cars are owned by the team.

    So june of 2010 the old GP2 cars san do so much tests they want. Maybe with other team.

    All the team want to do this only Isport and Super Nova doesn’t want.

    • gp2 insider says:

      You are well aware of my position on GP2 Asia. The cars should be released to the teams and sold to a possible series or for testing purposes. No sense in letting them rot because of Bruno’s ego.

  3. Francois says:

    Nobody I tell well ; NOBODY can oblige a team to sell his car if he doesn’t want.

    The Asian cars are owned by the teams.

    There are somes team absolutly not interessed in GP3 and who’s probably will not resign for 3 more years in GP2 .

    Nobody will oblige these teams who’s own the Asian cars to sell there car if they doesn’t want ! ! !

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