Sorry Paul Jackson… I disagree

iSport boss Paul Jackson has seen himself in the news lately with his possible bid to enter F1 in 2010.  He seems to enjoy this protagonism and is repeatedly in all the “top-10” lists for new teams in 2010.  First, I would like to see if iSport can line up a constructor for F1, but more importantly, he’s now making comments that in the end are hurting his current business: GP2.

Excerpt from comments on Autosport:

“Well, at the end of the day, F1 always was small teams. If they named GP2 Formula 1 and put it on the TV, how many people would know? Only the real hardcore enthusiasts.”

Sorry, but I have to disagree.  F1 was never “small teams”.  It was always “independent teams” which is a very different concept.  You want me to believe that Lotus, McLaren, Williams, Ferrari were “small”?

Come on, Mr. Jackson!   What they were, with overwhelming majority, were independent teams.  Engineering firms manufacturing chassis and then fitting the best available engine or whoever gave them the best deal.  The arrival of BMW, Renault, Toyota and Honda began to change this, and that’s part of what needs some fixing.

On the other hand, Paul Jackson is losing sight of his current source of income.  If they named GP2 Formula 1 it would be the end of his €2.2 million-plus per year money machine.   Like I posted previously, GP2 would become just another open-wheel series, and fans would flock to the rival “new” FOTA series where Ferrari & company are.  You would be competing for drivers with WSR, F3 Euroseries and F3000.

Tricking people is not the answer, and you underestimate and insult the fans by making comments such as these.  Mr. Jackson:  everyone would know this is not the real F1.

“Hardcore enthusiasts” are everywhere, and even my young daughter would ask me watching next year’s Australian GP:  “where is Ferrari, daddy?”…. even if you painted your iSport Dallara bright red.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.


2 Responses to Sorry Paul Jackson… I disagree

  1. Mekola says:

    The first World Championship race of May 13th, 1950, had no Ferrari on its grid; during 1962, there were races with no signs of the Scudería, and in 1973 people was most interested in the Tyrrell – Lotus battle than the misfortunes of the ill-fated first B3 models.

    So, it could be possible an F1 with Ferrari on the second plane or almost invisible on the grid…

  2. gp2 insider says:

    It’s very possible, just not very attractive.

    And I believe we are all subconsciously using “Ferrari” to actually refer to the top teams (McLaren, BMW,…) not just the Scuderia.

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