8 penalties at Monaco feature

Good job from GP2 in penalizing 8 drivers in the Monaco feature race. My only concern, why did it take so long to decide?

As a recap, Lucas Di Grassi, Nico Hulkenberg, Javier Villa, Roldan Rodriguez, Edoardo Mortara, Luca Filippi, Kamui Kobayashi and Dani Clos were handed 25-second penalties for jumping the chicane at the start. Those most punished are DiGrassi and Villa, with Andy Zuber and Pastor Maldonado the great beneficiaries.
The chicane was cut, not much to argue there, just a question of why it was cut and why the penalties have come after the race.

If you recall in last year’s race Adrián Vallés, racing with BCN Competición, was given an in-race drive-through penalty for cutting that same chicane while figthing for a 4th place position.

I ask you guys:

  • Which is more “fair”? In-race of after the race?
  • Why do you think they took so long to decide if it happened in the first 10 seconds of the race?

Looking forward to the sprint race. Pastor should see clear sailing if his ART Dallara can get off the line well.


3 Responses to 8 penalties at Monaco feature

  1. Potatoes says:

    Which one would di Grassi and Hulkenberg prefer? Automatic penalty and thrown to the back of the grid in Monaco, or the chance to argue their case and, if they lose, still finish 4th and 5th?

  2. Smached says:

    Completely agree with Potatoes here. Had the decisions been taken during the race, the drive through penalty would have seen them lose the points… So, don’t blame the decision coming late. If you are a di grassi and/or Hülkenberg fan, be grateful.

  3. fletcher says:

    Why didn’t they just get stop and go penalties right after they judged them for cutting the chicanes. How hard is that? They took so long cause they’re incompetent simple as that. Drivers should have been warned before the start that they would get penalties for cutting chicanes at drivers briefing. Those who do would incur penalties. Pathetic stewards

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