Teixeira + 107% rule = no start

POST UPDATE: Seems like Ricardo didn’t start the Monaco feature race… is that correct?
POST EDIT: Seems like GP2 applied the 107% rule correctly… great job. Compliments from my side, but Teixeira’s case (unfortunately) may not be a one-off thing. Thumbs up for Bruno and his team today. Second question, though, will he start tomorrow’s race??

With so many comments on this issue, I had to write my thoughts on it as well…

By my calculations, Ricardo Teixeira’s Monaco qualifying time is outside the 107% limit, which used to be in place in F1 – though never in GP2. Sometime during the 13th lap, Grosjean & company will catch up to Ricardo, barring any safety cars. This is, of course, unacceptable in any racing circuit but especially at Monaco. Teixeira will actually not be “racing” but “cruising”, permanently looking in his rearview mirrors, while inevitably bothering the faster drivers – no matter how well he does it.

I don’t want to criticize Teixeira, but instead the officials who keep letting him race in GP2. Regardless of how much money is behind him, he has taken too big a jump from F3 to GP2 and someone (apart from me) should tell him. He is doing a great disservice to his sponsor and, in some way, to GP2. Even Carlos Iaconelli, who last year brought up the rear frequently, had solid showings inside the top-20 and wasn’t significantly slower than many other drivers.

In my opinion, only Maurizio Salvadori’s Trident team is benefiting here, with a wadful of Sonangol cash. Respectable objective, to make a living, especially in these times.

But the GP2 organizers should work on this situation, helping set some guidelines to avoid the future Teixeiras from clogging the grid. 107% rule, anyone


2 Responses to Teixeira + 1072 rule = no start

  1. Paul says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better to wait and see what happens before posting this? Teixiera was off the grid because of the 107% rule…

    • gp2 insider says:

      Great point. Thing is, so many exceptions have been made recently – both in F1 and GP2 – that I was not sure if the rule would apply! Glad to see it did.

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