Istambul preview

After several days away, we find ourselves close to the Istambul race.  All is quiet in the GP2 world though I’m sure many are eyeing this race as a turning point.

1.  This race will mark the final negative spiral for many of the GP2 backmarkers, especially Trident, DPR and Durango. Their financial situation is dire, and as the season wears on, any hope of a Jakes, Al Fardan or other saviour is pretty much finished.  From this point on, their presence at any GP is a very touchy situation.

2. If Barwa Addax continues their dominance, the whispers heard in the GP2 paddock will become louder.  I truly feel their dominance is well-deserved, but many have told me of the typical insatisfaction when a team leads with such clarity and difference.  Let’s hope for the sake of the sport that no one begins to pout and pollute this already difficult season.

3. GP2 has an extended lease on life as FIA, FOTA and FOA have solved their issues. This allows for any possible corporate activity in GP2 to go ahead, though it will mostly be during the off-season period.

I will get back as the news prior to Istambul pick up.


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