Rigon’s sponsors

Davide Rigon is one of those great drivers without a budget.  The list could be quite long, and in my opinion includes the likes of Adam Carroll, Alex Premat and Giorgio Pantano.

davide-rigon-montecarloBut Rigon, and his tireless entourage, have taken maximum advantage of the current situation to highlight his talent at the highest level of motorsport below F1.  Trident has bet on his ability to see one of their cars in the top-10, gamble which paid off well in the final GP2 Asia round and is looking good so far.  Yet Maurizio Salvadori’s generosity has a limit, and Rigon had to come up with some cash to justify the expenses of keeping his Dallara on track.

In this sense, Rigon has brought in Italian dairy group Padania Alimenti and their Epiù brand.   I am not sure how much cash they are bringing to the team, but it must be a tight budget that could even have been negotiated on a race-by-race basis.  Congratulations to Rigon on maximizing this opportunity, and I wish him continued success.  A driver that has won the Superleague title and the Euro F3000 crown cannot be all that bad.

Add Epiù to the Trident sponsors – Pakelo lubricants, Agora, Sabelt, Bayer and Eros Ramazzotti – who Salvadori manages – and maybe the team can drag out the 2009 season with minimum financial damage.

One idea to throw out is:  doesn’t any of these F1 junior driver programs want to pick him up?  Put some pressure on Valsecchi and replace him for Rigon?  His results surely merit consideration.


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