Post-race evaluations – Turkey GP

Evals Turkey GP top 6

eval Turkey GP restEvalsTurkey GP bott 4


3 Responses to Post-race evaluations – Turkey GP

  1. fletcher says:

    Perez deserves better than a 2 in my opinion. He made a great start and passed several drivers on lap two before being taken out by Kobayashi. Oherwise great site. One question I have for you. Do Gp2 teams get prize money for each race depending where they place and if not why not.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    Fletcher – Regarding Sergio PĂ©rez, I think he has to break out of wherever he is now. Maybe his performance is worth a 3, but little more than that. Let’s remember he is a GP2 Asia race winner, and needs to step up in GP2 Main if he is to shine in open wheel racing at this level.

    Regarding prize money, there is no prize money in GP2. I have argued many times about the need to give teams some TV revenue money, but CVC (GP2 owners) seem to care little about this. Let me give it some more thought and I will post on this today or tomorrow, referring to your comment.

  3. Fletcher says:

    It seeems CVC doesn’t really care to much about GP2. They need to be supported financially like F1 but of course at a smaller scale. Pretty soon GP2 will not survive much further if this keeps up. There has to be some incentives for team owners to compete otherwise what is the point. I watched F1 and GP2 and GP2 was more entertaining. As regards to Perez yes he has to shine. He has beaten Petrov when they were teammates in GP2 Asia so the speed and intelligence is there. Not bad for the youngest driver in the field. I am sure Arden will give him a good car and he should shine in Silverstone Monza and maybe Spa. We shall see.

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