What now?

Autosport has reported that FOTA has announced the creation of a new racing series.

What now for GP2?  Will it break-away with FOTA or stay with Mad Max?  (see poll and vote…)

GP2 is owned by CVC (as is F1), and the partners of this private equity firm must have not slept a wink last night.  They have seen how their billions of investment in the F1 franchise is now worth a couple dozen million, as Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and company are saying goodbye.

What makes the most sense is that F1 teams up with F2, packaging Mosley’s vision into a tidy package.  GP2 should pack its trucks and follow Luca, Martin and Flavio to Portimao, Imola, Suzuka or whatever circuit the new series will race in….  Today will be an interesting day.


3 Responses to What now?

  1. AMS says:

    I think if they want a future , they have to go with FOTA , and F2 moves to F1 Weekends.

  2. Mekola says:

    With GP2 being a brainchild of Briatore/Michel, it’s more logical that it will go with the FOTA-sanctioned series.

    Williams’ involvement with F2 could make it the new F1 feeder series.

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