6 winners in 7 races

We all like to see different drivers win.  We all like to see races like the feature race today at Silverstone, with surprising drives from truly nice guys like Alberto Valero and Sergio Perez.   We all like to see that Romain Grosjean (or any other driver) is not running away with the 2009 season.

But after 6 different race winners in the 7 races to date, I ask myself how this really reflects on the season and the quality of the grid.   I confess I’m a bit torn in my opinion, but what I am very sure of is that this sort of variety is much, much better than the Button dominance in F1.

Maybe it does reflect a bit on the levelness of the playing field and even a little bit on the lack of serious, natural and raw talent.  But what it does highlight, above anything else, is the spirit of GP2 and the greatness of its concept.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope we see 5 or 6 more new drivers win this season…  at the end, it’s what GP2 is all about.


2 Responses to 6 winners in 7 races

  1. Smached says:

    Really nice post GP2 insider man… You are right: this is what GP2 is all about!

  2. fletcher says:

    I think you are correct that variety is the spice of racing in this case. Perez sure made it fun to watch. I think the quality of the field this year is pretty high. I also believe that if you are racing in the series for more than 2 years, F1 teams believe you are not good enough for F1. In my opinion Hulkenburg is the only one that fits that bill in that he is young and the one with the most natural talent. Perez has those qualities too but is inconsistent. In any case I enjoy the GP2 races more so than F1 and it’s because of the unpredictability.

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