Engine blow-ups and budgets

We saw 3 engine blow-ups at Silverstone.   Italiaracing reports that up to 6 engines were taken by Mecachrome for preventive inspection.  What is going on?

One reason is that teams are running out of money, more quickly than anticipated.  In an earlier post I had predicted when teams were going to start running into financial difficulties.  Silverstone was the first general warning.   We had seen other failures (gearboxes mainly), but engine blow-ups are a different story.

1. Teams begin to spend more time repairing and less money replacing.

2.The lower budgets bring in less-experienced mechanics, and with it, costly oversights that result in higher mechanical issues.

3. GP2 is not supporting teams in the cost of spares, be it chassis or engines, and the result is clear.

What we have here is a perfect storm brewing.  Lack of money, lack of technical expertise and lack of organizational interest.  The issue will only get worse as the season wears on… and look for drivers in the GP2 backmarkers to do less laps at Friday practice – especially at Trident, Durango and DPR.


7 Responses to Engine blow-ups and budgets

  1. Francois says:

    Could you explain me why you absolutly want DPR was in financial difficulties ? ?

    The workshop was moved in Italy.Everybody is very happy for this.

    Michael Herck does the race in World Series by Renault in Budapest ( 5th ) and will do the races in Silverstone and Portimao. Only to learn the tracks.

    Last Tuesday he tested in Spa. All this cost a lot of money.

    Oh yes we learn that Grosjean test very, very often with ” Top Speed ” a FR. V6 very often on each track and it seems to be paid by Renault. Kobayashi and Dambrosio also seems to test very often with Top Speed on all tracks.

    In Barcelona Michael don’t do much laps because an engine failure and in Silverstone the looms touch the chassis and it is for this Ricci stop during the warm lap.

    Michael herck understand that he have to test and he have to know all the tracks. So he will spend a lot of money to test and test more; like Piquet does and like Grosjean seems to do.

    So do you think a driver who is able to spend money for Asia and Main and who test more and more that the father have realy financial difficulties?
    Until the last invoices from last 15 days DPR doesn’t have any debt in front of GP2 ! O euros for Asia and they have paid too much for Main.

    Do you know plenty teams who can say we don’t have any euros debt in front of GP2 ? ?

    Tere are also looking to buy a new world series to test more.

  2. gp2 insider says:


    Thanks for your insight. Best of luck to Michael Herck as he really seems to be improving.

    I don’t want DPR to be in financial difficulties, it is just my outside opinion. This is why I value your insider comments and the information provided. Let’s hope they can continue racing, avoid technical failures and hopefully sign a decent driver for Ricci’s seat. Congratulations to Andre Herck and DPR on cancelling their debt. As you say, not many teams can boast this stability.

    Do you have contact information for Top Speed? What country are they based in?

  3. Fletcher says:

    That doesn’t explain why Ardern had two blowups. They are fully funded this year unless they are paying last years debt with this years sponsorship. I agree with Francois, DPR should be financially sound and as you mentioned they should put Adam Carroll on the car to lift the status of the team. No matter how much testing Herck does, I don’t seem getting on the podium much less winning.

    • gp2 insider says:

      I think your second sentence explains all. Arden is still suffering from a disastrous GP2 Asia (as everyone else). Regarding DPR, I hope they are in as good a position as Francois says, but again I think they need to raise the profile of the whole team for 2010, not just Michael Herck’s. The solution is to put in a winning driver, and there are many of those available. The risk there is that they may actually do a great job and overshadow Michael…

  4. Francois says:

    Top Speed is based in Austria

    • gp2 insider says:

      Thanks Francois. Do you have any other contact information for them? Website, phone number?

  5. Mekola says:

    Ah, interesting. Then Grosjean and DAMS drivers are copying Nelsinho’s 2006 testing tactics to improve their performances???

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