Another quiet period

The 3-week break between Silverstone and Nurburgring has brought with it another quiet period where nothing seems to be moving in the GP2 world.  Drivers are driving in other categories (World Series, Superleague), teams are polishing their cars and everyone is expectant of where the category will be in 2010.

The current Mosley-Montezemolo tension is having a strong ripple effect with GP2 team owners.  The inability to guarantee their backers where they will be is once again adding uncertainty to this already unstable category.  For example, questions team owners have now primarily include:

  • Will we be racing with FOTA teams in 2010? So far, the answer is yes, but still in doubt…
  • Are we getting some TV revenues/prize money in 2010? Important to know so team budgets can be drawn up…
  • Is GP2 Asia canceled? Again, important for budgeting and for driver searches…
  • Will there be a GP3?  Are we expected to participate?

Questions that will most likely not get answered in a timely manner.  GP2 teams are left, as usual, to survive as best they can.


5 Responses to Another quiet period

  1. Mekola says:

    Somewhere I read that Superleague, the other series that conformed Grand Racing Weekends, was canned. So it’s supposed that GP2 Asia could be canned too, as its partner series is no more…

  2. gp2 insider says:

    you mean Speedcar, I suppose… though Superleague will probably end up dying soon as well!

  3. Fletcher says:

    Asia should and will be canned as Michel said earlier because of costs and lack of interest from Asian drivers. Do we really need GP3 as they are so similar to F2 and WSR not to mention F3? Will Renault instead scrap WSR in favor of GP3? As to answers to your questions yes, hope so, yes, yes but what’s the point.

    • gp2 insider says:

      You know well my feelings on GP2 Asia! GP3 is a tough call, and I agree that it depends on what happens with WSR. Maybe the imminent departure from F1 will be used by Renault to also shut down its Renault Sport weekends, handing over WSR to GP3 and leaving Renault 2.0 to race on a country or regional basis…. just some thoughts.

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