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All has been quiet everywhere, but today Autosport publishes that ex-Toyota Racing Development driver Franck Perera will join DPR for the German GP.    Maybe our friend Francois, who is very knowledgable on what goes on at Andre Herck’s team, can confirm or deny this article.perera

Several weeks ago, rumour flew around about Adam Carroll joining DPR, which turned out to be pure speculation.   Though Perera is an experienced driver, with recent Champ Car experience, as well as some GP2 with DAMS a couple years ago, the question is:  why him?

For one, he can’t be any slower than Giacomo Ricci, who failed to impress anyone at all during his many racing chances in both GP2 and GP2 Asia.  Switching to Perera is a wise move that I strongly defended when talking about the Carroll rumour, but putting in Perera leaves me with the feeling that this is a halfway effort on Herck’s part.   My impression is that Perera will probably improve on Ricci’s results, but not significantly enough to raise the team’s profile as a competitive outfit in GP2.

I don’t have a mental list of which drivers are currently unemployed and willing to race for free, and if any of them have a better profile (on paper) than Perera.   Some that are flying around are Bonanomi (GP2 Asia race winner), Albuquerque (ex-Red Bull driver), Jakes (the eternal DPR promise), plus other GP2 ex-drivers Buurman, Jani, Asmer, Tung or Yoshimoto – among many others.

After reviewing this list, Franck Perera seems as good a choice as any of these…. best of luck to Franck and to DPR.


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  1. sauber11 says:
    Rodolfo Gonzales al Nurburgring con Trident

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