…and Rigon is out

GP2 is not fair.   Several posts ago I wrote about Davide Rigon’s sponsors and how his entourage had fought to keep him in the Trident seat.  It seems that our wishes that those backers were for the remainder of the season have proven to be unfouded, and Rigon will be replaced with Venezuelan driver Rodolfo Gonzalez at the German GP this weekend.

GP2 is not fair, but it is a business.  Maurizio Salvadori of Trident now knows this well, after throwing away a strong start in the category.  Rodolfo Gonzalez is putting up the necessary minimum cash that Rigon cannot come up with any more, and Trident needs it.

Trident is now caught right where it should never have been: between a very competitive driver that has put Trident in the top 10 and another that has floated with little success through British F3, F3 Euroseries, GP2 Asia and now the F3000 Euroseries.  Problem is, and I have written about it many, many times, Trident is not the only team caught in this vicious cycle…

GP2 teams are starting to touch bottom….. let’s just hope some of the promised financial support kicks it soon.


5 Responses to …and Rigon is out

  1. Francois says:

    The only place where it is no financial crisis is in the head of Bruno Michel.

    He absolutly wants to continue the Asian Series where there are no driver with budget and where every teams loose money. Only to receive the TV rights.

    This championship is now ridiculous it doesn’t exist one driver with a budget of 1 400 000 euros on the market. This is clear for everybody but not for F.B and the brothers Michel.

    I’m very curious to see if a court put is look inside the account of GP2 to see how many teams are helped by GP2 or more by renault.

    Do you imagine the face of the ” syndicate ” of the workers of renault if they know that renault help so many driver , so many teams in GP2 and WSR and in the same moment they put so many workers out of there jobs ? ? ?

    Do you imagine the face of a court by exemple la cour Européenne if a GP2 driver goes in front of this court to ask dammage because it is an unfair championship with so many renault driver and so many teams helped by renault in a renault championship ? ?

    In GP2 Grosjean and in WSR Pic ALL RDD ! ! !
    It is a joke theses 2 championships are loosing all there credibility.

    NO ANYLORE RENAULT DRIVER ( or ex-renault driver or helped by renault ( Parente ) ) IN A RENAULT CHAMPIONSHIP ! ! ! This is the minimum to be able to say ” we have a fair championship ”

    NO ANYMORE TEAMS HELPED BY RENAULT ( Ocean ) OR BY F.B. ( Barwa Agag ) this is the minimum.


    Not the teams friends of Bruno Michel who can have debt of 450 000 euros if they says ” all is perfect in this championship ” and other teams independents who’s are oblige to pay imediatly the first euro debt ! ! !


    Because it cannot continue like this. At one moment justice needs to put his eyes inside this.

  2. Francois says:

    When Parente won the World Series by Renault he has been helped by renault not officially but helped. If somebody tell the opposite he is a lier.

  3. Francois says:

    And Monteiro was helped all his carreer by Renault Portugal.

  4. Rob says:

    How do you spell libel in French?

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