Post-race evaluations – German GP

Evals German GP top 6

eval German GP restEvals German GP bott 4


2 Responses to Post-race evaluations – German GP

  1. Fletcher says:

    Stellar drive from Grosjean from 22nd to 5th in the second race. It looks like Hulkenberg is the only driver out there worth his salt. The rest are inconsistent. Not what an F1 team owner looks for.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Completely agree, though I would add Petrov to that list. Before the start of the season, Maldonado seemed to have all his stars aligned to finally challenge for the championship. Seems like it is getting away and something has seriously happened to his driving style, for the worst. Though he has time to recover, I doubt Nico or Vitaly will slow down anytime soon. Romain, I think is probably out of GP2 soon, headed to Piquet’s seat at Renault F1. Question now is, who will substitute him at Barwa Addax? Only other Renault drivers not in GP2 are Charles Pic (WSR), Adam Khan (inactive?) or Marco Sorensen (Eurocup FR 2.0)…. I bet for Pic, who is not doing so well and who can best guarantee Agag’s team a chance for the team title.

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