Romain’s replacement

The rumor mill is working at full speed this past week, with 2 major changes in F1 for Hungary.

The first (practically confirmed by all media) is Jaime Alguersuari replacing Bourdais at Scuderia Toro Rosso. Seems like an intelligent move from Franz Tost. STR has nothing to lose, Jaime cannot test and Bourdais is definitely deserving to be set aside. Jaime will finally get some real F1 experience and I would not be surprised if he alternates with Brandon Hartley throughout the rest of the season. The lack of test time has this result.

The same vision seems to be illuminating Flavio Briatore’s eyes… with Piquet languishing in the back of the field and not adding any points to the team totals. Enter Grosjean, currently with a strong season in GP2 and who cannot do much worse than Nelsinho. As in STR, it’s better to sit Piquet if he’s not continuing in 2010 and give Grosjean a chance. He has been groomed for this and now is ready. The rest of the 2009 season will be his test sessions and he will be a breath of fresh air at Renault.

So, a highly coveted seat opens up in GP2, with the championship leader Barwa Addax team. With this, I am completely discarding that Romain will do double-duty in GP2 and F1… that would not make sense, right…. or would it?

Assuming the seat is paid for by Flavio and RDD, who will sit in it… or will they get a refund from Agag for unused mileage? If RDD is consistent and believes in their program, they have 3 options: Charles Pic, Adam Khan or Marco Sorensen.

My choice would be Pic. Preseason favorite in WSR, Charles has had a terrible start to the season (by his standards), though he has won the last race at Silverstone. The overall mediocrity of the WSR grid is saving his season. He is ready for GP2, much more than Khan who has an erratic bio or Sorensen who is still a bit young in his development.

Should Agag prefer to go shopping in the market, he needs to guarantee a competitive driver – not just a paying one – since he is aiming for the team title. Drivers who could fit that job are Adam Carroll, James Jakes, Giorgio Pantano or even the talented Davide Rigon…. Let’s wait and see.


18 Responses to Romain’s replacement

  1. AMS says:

    And what about Valsecchi ? He is a RDD driver.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    As with DiGrassi, he is already in GP2. I would discard him due to his terrible season so far. He makes no strategic sense for Renault at this point. Much smarter to use the Barwa seat for development of a non-GP2 RDD driver – if they are still paying.

  3. AMS says:

    Di Grassi is no more RDD driver. See his overall and his helmet , no RDD logo.

  4. gp2 insider says:

    Lucas DiGrassi is what Renault calls a “Renault Driver”… whatever that means.

    Check out their website for a list of their official drivers:

  5. AMS says:

    so if Grosjean in and Piquet out , Di Grassi will be the reserve driver ? Very cconfused about Di Grassi position at Renault.

  6. gp2 insider says:

    The reserve driver will most likely be Piquet.

  7. fletcher says:

    Brasilian newspapers say its a done deal. PIquet out Grosjean in and DiGrassi reserve for Hungary. Don’t know where that leaves Barwa

  8. AMS says:

    I don´t think Grosjean can do anything better than Piquet considering his limited mileage with a F1 car.

  9. Mekola says:

    Italiaracing is suggesting Valsecchi in Grosjean’s place if the Frenchman is promoted to Renault F1.

  10. gp2 insider says:

    Hadn’t seen that…. Davide has shown to be very slow this year. I think Charles Pic is a better choice.

  11. AMS says:

    But Charles Pic is not doing a good year according his experience in WS , and if you go to GP2 you can´t do better considering the levels of the grid.

  12. hannah Banana says:

    Adam Kahn is NOT RDD. Never has been. There are three drivers in the programme this season: Valsecchi, Pic and Sorensen.
    Grosjean is 3rd driver ING RF1 Team, but cannot race with ING RF1 overall. So he is a deluxe RDD

  13. gp2 insider says:

    If there was any serious correlation, Jaime Alguersuari would not have made it to F1… Pic has a brighter future than Valsecchi – in my opinion

  14. AMS says:

    In my opinion , Alguersuari will destroy his career if He race with Toro Rosso. He is not ready for GP2 , How will be ready for F1 ?

    But money and name are the important on this “sport”

  15. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Why doesn’t Piquet come back to GP2? He’s still young and now he might have more chances than when he was there…

  16. Mekola says:

    He IS in GP2 already, managing his own team.

  17. AMS says:

    His name is in GP2 , managing his own team is a diffent thing , GP Racing manages all the things

  18. AVRE says:

    And who will be the next Red bull 3rd driver?
    Brendon back 15 days after his eviction?

    No one else have the super licence…

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