Managers vs. Parents

It’s curious how during the GP2 television coverage we only see the driver’s managers and never their parents.

For example, this past weekend at the German GP we were bombarded with Willi Weber images during Hulkenberg’s exhibition (somewhat excessive, in my opinion).

In other races, we have seen various managers-agents at the wall or in the pits… most notably Oksana (Petrov’s manager), Nicolas Todt, Adrián Fernández (Sergio Pérez), even some ex-drivers (Piquet, Hamilton)… and Flavio, of course. But we have never seen a “dad”.

In F1 we are completely used to seeing the faces of Anthony Hamilton, Luiz Antonio Massa and John Button – apart from the occasional wife/girlfriend.

Just a curiosity, since I would think it makes more sense the other way around!

GP2 drivers are younger and should have family around, while F1 drivers are made men, but they bring their dads along to every race…. or at least that’s how we see it from the TV set.


3 Responses to Managers vs. Parents

  1. fletcher says:

    Petrov’s mom is seeing on TV twice this year alone but I don’t know what the other parents look like unless the commentator comments on it so maybe they are there you just don’t know. Another thing is those parents of F1 drivers are mostly seeing in the pit boxes. GP2 doesn’t have boxes where the cameras can film during a race like F1. The parents can’t be seen on the pit wall because they aren’t team members so it’s hard for a camera man to film during the race. Another point is that F1 drivers fly their families along and GP2 drivers don’t have that sort of money to do that.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    I think you’re confusing Petrov’s manager/agent Oksana with his mom!

    The post was just a curious observation… nothing serious

  3. Rob says:

    There are some GP2 parents in the paddock, but mostly they don’t have pit access passes. You do sometimes see di Grassi’s girlfriend on the feed because she stands in the Renault box if she’s at the race, but that’s about it.

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