Vitaly’s last chance

With Grosjean out of the picture, Vitaly Petrov remains as the sole challenger to Nico Hulkenberg’s impressive mid-season push to the top of the standings.  Valencia will be the Russian’s last opportunity to opt for the 2009 GP2 crown.

With an 18 point lead and 3 races to go after Valencia, this will have to be the time to step up and meet his promised level of performance.  Vitaly has shown a good evolution in GP2, but this should be his championship year.  Who knows if next year he will be in F1 or somewhere else, but regardless he should be the top contender with Romain gone to Renault.

Yes, Lucas DiGrassi is only 1 point behind Vitaly, but he is subject to different kinds of pressures.  He is a “career” GP2 driver and now comfortably under Briatore’s wing.  No matter what he does, he will be regarded as a solid driver and not winning in 2009 will be another good result in an otherwise linear, stable and completely unimpressive single-seater career.

Everyone else is out of the picture..


One Response to Vitaly’s last chance

  1. Fletcher says:

    All Petrov can do now is finish strong and not make any silly mistakes. Everyone is saying he is already in F1 next year possibly with Campos. He deserves it. Di Grassi on the hand is not really impressing as he was expected to.

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