What’s cooking over at Trident?

The announcement by Trident of the signing of Bulgarian driver Plamen Kralev for the GP2 Asia season makes me believe that something is cooking over at Maurizio Salvadori’s team.

The fact that a bankrupt team is looking to the devastatingly destructive Asia season as a way to save their current cash problems is a good example of how difficult it is to do business in this category today.  Salvadori has probably thrown in the towel on the GP2 Main season and is looking to the (yet to be confirmed!) Asia season for partial salvation.  He’s probably commanding a sufficient amount to cover for a seat and part of the other – hedging his risk for Asia.

Question is, though, how does a backmarker team sign a driver today vs the fully available seats at ART, iSport, Arden, Barwa…. etc?   Is Salvadori finally putting together a deal to save the team with some Eastern European cash?

The important point is that the fight for survival continues for teams like Trident and Durango, even if it means ironically turning to the devastating GP2 Asia Series for a lifeline…  Let’s see if this sparks a flurry of Asia deals in the coming weeks.


3 Responses to What’s cooking over at Trident?

  1. Nick says:

    …..you should remember that for Mr. Salvadori, Trident is NOT his own main business, but at this point, for him is just a question of pride!
    He don’t have a ” full pride ” exit strategy…….

  2. gp2 insider says:

    Pride can be very expensive.

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