GP2 Middle East taking shape

Though a step in the right direction, holding a limited GP2 Asia season this year seems like an unnecessary evil for most GP2 teams.

Bruno Michel has just announced that there will be 4 meetings – a total of 8 races – concentrated at the Abu Dhabi and Bahrain tracks

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Confirmed: Loeb to test with DPR at Jerez

Update:  Loeb himself has confirmed on his website that he will be testing with DPR on October 8th.  Thanks Francois for the information….  He also informs us that Loeb will pay €15.000 to DPR for the test – far from the reported €30.000 that Red Bull was going to pay.

The rumor of Sebastien’s Loeb GP2 test with DPR at Jerez seems to be gaining momentum.  Though no “official” motorsports publication has made reference to the news, Frloeb f1ench radio station RMC has broadcast the news and written a piece on its website (thank you Diogo Oliveira and sauber11 for the information). Read more of this post

Poll results: Second best rookie of 2009

Little discussion that the best rookie of 2009 was Nico Hulkenberg.  His dominance was clear and he was clearly above the other drivers after his early season problems.

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Imitation is the best form of flattery!

I see that the official GP2 blog has copied my poll idea. Not a big deal, except they kind of copied it word by word! As the title says… an honor for me!Picture 3

If GP2 needs fresh ideas to keep their readers interested… feel free to contact me.

Briatore effect on GP2

The recent suspension of Flavio Briatore for an “unlimited period” is causing doubts and confusion regarding its impact on GP2.briatore-michel

Currently, the FIA ruling bans Briatore from any FIA-sanctioned event, threatening also to not sanction any event in which Briatore is involved or grant licenses to teams, entities or drivers engaged with him.

The first interpretation of this ruling is easy:  Briatore is out of F1 for an unlimited period, though not necessarily a lifetime ban.

After that, we need to get past all the legal crap and get to the point.

Poll results: Kobayashi biggest disappointment of 2009

According to a poll of the GP2insider readers, DAMS driver Kamui Kobayashi has been the biggest disappointment of 2009.

This is clearly due to the great expectations created by Kam as a result of his convincing GP2 Asia championship earlier this year.  Though Kobayashi has never really gotten a hold of the GP2 Dallara in Europe, his performance in Asia seemed to mark a change in direction and a possible challenge for the 2009 crown.  Toyota would have surely liked this to happen, but Kam has had a dismal season, with little joy to himself or his backers.  As pointed out many times, I believe the Toyota Development program will pull the plug on Kam, pushing up promising drivers such as Keisuke Kunimoto – winner of the 2008 Macau Read more of this post

Post-race evaluations: Portuguese GP

Evals Portimao GP top 6evals Portimao GP restEvals Portimao GP bott 4

Note: Durango was not present at the Portuguese GP at Portimao due to financial problems.