End of season seat dance?

As DPR announces the signing of Johnny Cecotto for both Monza and Portimao, I begin to wonder if we will see more seats being shuffled for these 2 final races.

Were this a normal year, and given the below-budget sums that many drivers have paid, the answer would be yes.  This year, the only reason to sit in a GP2 car for these last races is to prepare for 2010.   I’m not sure if Cecotto has the budget or backing to make this move.  Though he has driven well in German F3, his appearances in F3000 and F3 Euroseries have gone mainly unnoticed by all.

I think we will see some drivers pop into GP2.  Coletti is a good example and others could follow, maybe Formula Master champ Fabio Leimer, WSR guys “graduating” to GP2 (Pic?) or some new Latin blood coming over to this side of the Atlantic.

Tomorrow we should see if any new faces show up at Monza… a beautiful and appealing track for any driver.


8 Responses to End of season seat dance?

  1. Rob says:

    Cecotto’s signing might have more to do with necessity for the team than any training for Cecotto: Perera refused to have anything to do with the team again, with the final straw coming after they parked him in Spa to concentrate on Herck Jr’s session and got him cast out of the races as a result.

  2. Phil says:

    What is this ?

    Perrera don’t have one euros ! !

    He is not able to pay his hotel and DPR is oblige to pay the hotel for him and after invoiced to his manager.
    He was not able to pay the fine and the team have to pay the fine for him. tha only thig Perrera pay is tha insurance for the car.

    Once Mister Herck ask him this in front of 5 witness ” Dear frank when you was in TOYOTA you also try to go with the secretary of the big boss ? And you also tell all the day that you are the best driver in the world ” ” Because if you do that in Toyota also don’t be surprise you don’t go in F1 ”
    Before Spa the manager of Perrera have try to pay the 2 race Valencia and Spa but he receive a mail telling ” no each race race by race ”

    Because all the team and all the engineers had enough to see this ” has been ” telling he is the best and the team was looking for a paying driver.
    Cecotto was in discussion before Spa and sign unfortunately after but never the team will continue with the best ” has been in the world ”
    Cecotto have a contract for 2 races and Pay the full budget for theses races.
    Good by to a driver who is not able to pay 300 euros his hotel.


  3. Rob says:

    Why is it a surprise that a driver who is offered a free drive doesn’t pay anything? Surely that’s the whole point…

    • gp2 insider says:

      Usually when a driver pays his season budget, it includes 1 room at the same hotel where the team stays. It excludes travel costs to the race. In the case of Perera, being a free drive, it will depend on the agreement with Herck. If you’re driving for nothing, the least you can do is pay for the hotel room, in my opinion.
      Clearly the problem with DPR is not due to a hotel bill. Something else runs deeper, probably due to a clear favoritism of Michael – which should not be accepted at any team, whether you are paying or not. Would make me nervous as a driver to put my money in a team like that.

  4. hannah Banana says:

    Lol! This Phil person sounds soooooo mcuh like Mr Herck! 🙂

  5. Francois says:

    Bla bla bla

    Please compare the results of Cecotto and Perrera and you have the answer ! ! !

    And you GP2 insider you are not a friend of Bruno Michel ? ? ?

  6. gp2 insider says:

    Francois, no offense meant by my comments. I really appreciate all your comments on this blog and I hope you don’t get upset.

    By the way, if you read all my posts, I am a very big critic of Bruno Michel and all the GP2 organization.

    Look forward to seeing many more of your great comments on the blog. Cheers!

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