Durango a no-show at Monza?

With Durango announcing that they will be at Monza with only 1 car due to Panciatici’s budget problems, the predictions made at the beginning of the season begin to take shape.   Only Stefano Coletti, recovered from his injuries, will be at Monza with Ivone Pinton’s team.

Now… if you want a conspiracy theory, here is a good one.  Given Durango’s reported problems with Italy’s financial police, could it be that they are setting us up for a no-show at Monza?

First, Panciatici can’t make it because of his budget.  Second, they withdraw Coletti because his pain is back…. Sound possible?

Coloni already racked up an €80.000 fine for not racing at Spa.  Now Durango will pay at least €40.000 for not showing up with both cars.  Don’t you think that with a race at Monza, so close to their headquarters, Durango could not find a second driver to fill in and avoid that fine (Ricci, Bonanomi, Crestani…. and that’s only the Italians)?  Come on!  It all comes down to money.

Either Durango doesn’t have enough to fix their crashed Dallara – or they are disputing tax claims with the police.  Otherwise, this smells very fishy to me.


One Response to Durango a no-show at Monza?

  1. sauber11 says:

    You were right 🙂

    Coletti will not run to Monza with Durango

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