As predicted….

As predicted by GP2 Insider yesterday, Durango is a no-show at the Monza race.  Quite embarassing if you ask me, to miss your “home race” as an Italian team.

Official word is that the absence is due to the withdrawal of Nelson Panciatici due to budget issues and Stefano Coletti (in-extremis) due to his Spa injuries…. hmmmmm.  Reality may be more closely related to the current inquiry by Italy’s Guardia di Finanza on tax evasion charges, I believe.

As mentioned yesterday, don’t you think Ivone Pinton would have simply stuck in 2 local drivers to avoid the €80k fine imposed by GP2 for missing the Monza round?  I do.  Something else is clearly the reason.


One Response to As predicted….

  1. sauber11 says:
    Durango wont participate in Portugal as well.
    As they saying : “we couldnt find drivers for non-f1 meeting”.

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