Post-race evaluations: Italian GP

Evals Monza GP top 6evals Monza GP rest

Evals Monza GP bott 4

Note:  Panciatici and Coletti of Durango did not participate in the Italian GP at Monza due to (officially) budget issues for Nelson and physical problems for Stefano.


7 Responses to Post-race evaluations: Italian GP

  1. GhostDog says:

    Couple of mistakes here – Giedo didn’t make an ‘aggressive move in the wet’ to pass Petrov; he did it in the pitstops. And Valerio crashed on lap 1, not the warm-up lap.

  2. fletcher says:

    Perez didn’t do much to deserve a 6 apart from qualifying 4th. More like a 4 in the rating

  3. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I think Álvaro deserved a little more. His race 1 was simply amazing, showing everyone that he’s one of the best there is in wet conditions.

    His and Valsecchi’s drive-through penaltys were stupid, cause in wet conditions, all can happen. Oh, and by the way, Petrov cut 4 times a chicane and he didn’t get any penalty.

    In race 2, with a miserable car, Parente did again a great race, almost reaching points but a mistake by van der Garde scared him and made Parente make a mistake.

  4. terrie says:

    I disagree with putting Pastor Maldonado at the bottom of your poll. I think he is talented, skilled,fast and exciting to watch.Sure he had a couple of mishaps but that does not mean he should be written off. He will come back stronger and i for one believe in him.

    • gp2 insider says:

      First, I didn’t put Pastor at the bottom of the poll! The readers did…

      Second, I hope we are all wrong…. Problem is Pastor has been in GP2 for 3 years and his inconsistency seems inherent in his driving skill. I will never doubt that he has the talent or that he’s my favorite to watch. He was my pre-season favorite. His continuation will not depend on me, though, but rather on PDVSA and if they continue to put up the €1.2 million plus for racing… remains to be seen in which team.

      • terrie says:

        Thank you for the reply. My error i think the readers were wrong to put Pastor at the bottom of the poll and i hope he gets the chance to continue racing.I believe he still has a lot more to give and that this is still only the beginning. I think he will come back and really show us just how talented he is. Again thank you.

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