Durango no-show… part II

As commented by our friend Sauber11, Durango has stated they will not be going to Portimao this weekend.  As quoted by team boss Ivone Pinton, the trucks were “on their way to Portugal” when they decided to turn around due to the difficulty of finding drivers for a non-F1 event.

valsecchi pits

Needless to say to all the readers, something else is clearly behind this statement and this no-show.  I keep getting information that Durango’s tax problems are increasing every day, and to it we can add problems with the Italian Social Security as well.

In a normal year, Durango would be a prime candidate for a quick buyout.  The lack of buyers for Durango, Trident or SuperNova are a clear indication that the motorsports sector is in a deep recession as well.  Let’s hope the GP2 Middle East Series can be canceled, or else we will see greater carnage as the year draws to a close.


12 Responses to Durango no-show… part II

  1. Nick says:

    The main problem is that both the italian teams wants a crazy amount of money for buyout! The want to resist….but until when?


    • gp2 insider says:

      If Pinton has put a price on Durango… can you share it with us?

      • Nick says:

        Since 1950 being in racing business NEED one preamble : raising MONEY. In Italy, except Ferrari, racing business don’t have ANY serious reputation. Ferrari eats ALL. Why Coloni ( with FMSI help also ),Trident,Durango has’nt win in GP2 or in others main FIA championship?
        2)I can share with you also the Trident request; it’s the same than Durango : simply CRAZY, and I’m not kidding !
        3) Coletti’s father is too clever to be involved in a fiscal trouble of some Team. He has faced another bad situation some years ago.
        4) Do you think that Valsecchi should be a world champion one day?

  2. gp2aswell says:

    it’s not durango’s fault. what about bruno michel’s theft of Valsecchi? he was a strong financial support, but “engine faults” put the driver and his father to complain about the situation and to be disappointed about the performances. as soon as barwa needed another driver (i agree that barwa could have any driver on that winning car) he pointed on renault’s Valsecchi, putting durango in a bad situation. probably the organiser is asking for the fee of not-participation, as well. unfair. let’s say it.

    • Nick says:

      I don’t know if you’re right; if yes this is just a political affair. Probably Durango is in a huge default and Michel try to preserve his own business. New let’s talk about Durango’s future… Last think,the main value of Valsecchi is the father’s worth ! 😉

      • gp2 insider says:

        Valsecchi has had a terrible year. His move to Barwa was a dangerous one, and he has proven that it was not “just the car” that was wrong. As posted many times in this blog… the “GP2 trap” has taken another victim and chewed him up. Said in another way – if you change to a “better” team (ART, Barwa, iSport) you’d better back it up with results.. or else your reputation as a driver is highly compromised.

  3. gp2 insider says:

    Fair comment, no doubt. Though Valsecchi’s budget was very, very tight for 2009 and I doubt his departure is they key reason for the team’s failure.

    Panciatici’s short budget was known from the beginning of the season, they had bad luck with Coletti’s injuries and add to that problems with the Italian tax police… not the best situation to be in. Let’s hope they can get it together and be back for 2010. Ivone and his crew are a historic team that would be missed.

  4. gp2 insider says:

    Would love to see the Durango and Trident quotes for their teams. Feel free to send me an email if you prefer not to post it.

    I agree with you on Coletti.. smart move.

    I have my doubts about Valsecchi, though he does have occasional good moments. If I was his manager/father and had the 2010 budget for GP2, I would race in a “top” team so all the pressure is on Davide and not the team. I’m sure iSport, Barwa or Racing Engineering would gladly take Davide on board – regardless if he continues as a Renault Driver (which I doubt).

    • Nick says:

      I don’t have your email address…. 😉
      Valsecchi : a full budget and a top team are NOT enough to win. Any example..: Maldonado, Zuber,Digrassi. Growing up in any single seater series need many “tools”. A clever manager,money, good and focused strategy,personality and playing a wicked game! What do you think about it ?

    • gp2aswell says:

      what’s your email? anyway I’m sure that you know the quotes with an approximation of 200k 🙂

  5. Nick says:

    Other Italian rumours from imola….: Next month one squad will push out of the GP2 business……..
    Who’s the next ?


  6. gp2 insider says:

    Interesting… Trident or Super Nova are my bets.

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