Quick opinion on GP3

I have little to say about GP3 (after all, this is a GP2 blog!), except that I seriously doubt that it will get started.  As far as I gather, the only chassis built is the one seen around Paul Ricard with Romain Grosjean at the wheel, with little intentions from Dallara to build more in the coming weeks.

As always, the question is… who will race in GP3?  At the reported €600k budget it is smack in the middle of F3 Euroseries territory.

I’m glad teams such as ART, Barwa, Manor and Signature are volunteering their names to the GP3 cause, but I wonder what’s really behind it… a true category for 2010 or a wish that will crash with reality as GP2, WSR and F3 teams close their year-end figures.


9 Responses to Quick opinion on GP3

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Ocean Racing Technology is also going to compete in GP3.

  2. Nick says:

    I don’t understand why FIA allow this situation : more championship than driver! It’s a foolish behaviour.
    IFM should be the new GP3! But the preliminary “war” between GP2 promoter and ISM staff, push off that plan!
    Now we have two categories with a 600m€ budget : GP3 and IFM.Who cares about it ?
    I really dont’ imagine how many cars could be in GP3 next year.


  3. gp2aswell says:

    GP3 will start. it will have 30 drivers paying a fortune. it will have 20 dumb drivers who will be there to let the other 10 to make their job in improving their career for GP2 and F1. all the other will spend money to make happy bruno michel.
    IFM will cost around 250k next year, maybe a better choice for a talented driver that needs to jump to GP2 the next year?

  4. gp2aswell says:

    another guess:

    1. art
    2. barwa
    3. dams
    4. arden
    5. trident
    6. carlin
    7. signature
    8. prema
    9. manor
    10. jenzer

  5. gp2aswell says:

    optional isport and ocean

  6. gp2 insider says:

    IFM is a much better choice! The problem with this category is that it doesn’t race with F1/GP2. As you all well know, it was supposed to, but “politics” made Michel & Company push GP3 as a new business rather than an evolution of IFM… pity.

    • gp2aswell says:

      I agree with you.

      Now everything depends on drivers’ intelligence. I think the most talented should stay in a cheaper category where it could be possible to make more mileage, even training on F1 tracks, then jump straight to GP2. IFM and italian F3 should have free tests, as in the past, when make mileage was decisive. Now it’s decisive as well, due to the lack of tests for GP3 and GP2, and F3 Euro Series as well…

  7. gp2aswell says:

    Carlin self-excluded from GP3

    Put in Ocean

  8. Nick says:

    Italian rumours: ISR (IFM and former Euro F3, czech squad ) has already ask the entry in GP3 !

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