No GP3 for iSport

As Italiaracing informed yesterday, iSport has reportedly withdrawn its interest in the new GP3 series.   F3 UK team Double R has also made its sentiment public to stay away from GP3 at this point.

If true, not a good sign for a series that will need a strong dose of confidence from top teams to take off.  As posted before, I seriously doubt this category will be feasible for GP2/WSR/F3 teams in 2010.  If you recall, GP3 is made up of 10 teams with 3 cars each, making the capital expenditure load on each team significant for a series of this level.

I once again hope the organizers have some sensibility to the realities of the teams, and postpone the category until things pick up a bit.  Or better else, make up with IFM and put that category on the grid in 2010.


2 Responses to No GP3 for iSport

  1. Nick says:

    Many teams know very well the GP2/3 promoter! Too expensive the first one series and the second one will be expensive much as they can too!
    The result is : 3 or 4 different entry lists in only one week…..
    If I am a driver, why I must choose GP3 instead of Euro F3 ?


  2. racemech says:

    the only reason you would choose GP3 over F3 euro series or F3 international for the same 600k driver buget is the billing if your supporting the F1 along with GP2 it would be the exposure and learning the tracks for the step up to GP2 then F1 and for the sponsors exposure(easyer to justify your spending if your at the F1 hospitatly than a tent at national series) but you need the other big name drivers of your time to race against to gain creditability — my personal opinion is its a parts bin special with one intencion in mind and its to make money – if you want my idea and its only mine merge british F3 and the Euro series give them F1 billing supporting GP2 and make new GP2 cars to run to simalar regs as F3 with some fredom in modifying of the cars with different engine supplyers( F1 teams to supply restricted older V8 F1 engines & g-boxes) in efect making a junior F1 type series with support of the F1 teams/ manufactures and and junior driver programe (just like V8 powered biger F3 cars)

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