Portimao penalties

Once again, I question the way penalties are handed out in GP2.  In a post after the Monaco feature earlier this season, I wondered why blatant and clear penalties were handed out after the race, especially if they occurred at the beginning.

Yesterday, at Portimao, the situation repeated itself.  Teixeira, Rigon, D’Ambrosio, van der Garde and Herck were all penalized with 25 seconds for cutting the second corner at the start.   My only question:  if the penalty is so clear, aren’t 37 laps enough to evaluate its applicability as a GP2 steward?   My concern is it eventually alters the sporting result, as drivers that will be out of the top 10 are fighting those who are.. and could cause accidents, spins, unnecessary fights, etc.



One Response to Portimao penalties

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I think, once again, these penaltys are very wrong. It seems that the stewards want some crashes… –‘

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