Post-race evaluations: Portuguese GP

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Note: Durango was not present at the Portuguese GP at Portimao due to financial problems.


25 Responses to Post-race evaluations: Portuguese GP

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    It’s a shame Teixeira… He’s a very friendly guy.

    I have news that no one will like:

    Teixeira will go to a greater team of gp2 in 2010. :S

  2. Nick says:

    Teixeira is not the first big shame in Gp2 or in Motorsport…….

  3. gp2 insider says:

    Well, hopefully he will work hard this off-season to get into better shape. If there is a GP2 Asia, I guess we’ll see him there for sure.

  4. Robbe says:

    He’s lucky there are drivers like Nai Chia Chen and Kralev in GP2 Asia, he will shine there 😀

  5. Fletcher says:

    How is it that Parente taking out Perez a great drive.

    • gp2 insider says:

      If you look at the ratings, Pérez and Parente get the same mark. But Alvaro’s charge up the field was very impressive and I think it deserves highlighting. His accident with Sergio, a terrible move no doubt.

  6. AVRE says:

    What’s the future of GP2 now that Flavio is out of motorsport?

    • Nick says:

      This is the point! And what about the future of GP3, without the Flav official support?

    • gp2 insider says:

      GP2 will thankfully not be affected by Flavio’s exit from F1. Let’s only hope his association with Mecachrome can give way to an engine supplier change for the category, if not now for the 2011 season when new cars should be arriving.

  7. Francois says:


    I think it will be a big trouble.

    1st) the penal action is not finish. Now Briatore and Renault are guilty.
    Everybody can begin a legal and penal action against Renault and Briatore but also against Bruno and Mathieu Michel. Because they represent Briatore.

    2nd) in french we says ” mise en danger de la vie d’autrui ” That’s meaning ” put in danger the life of somebody ” In a street car if you run at 250 km/h in France you finish in front of a penal court. So it is enough that somebody in Singapore France or England will go in front of a penal court and renault will be punish by penal court. And I know that somebody will do that.
    3rd ) Evecybody forget something very important;

    Chinese mafia ! ! ! Don’t forget that there are a lot of bet on the F1 race results everywhere in the world but more in China during the Singapore grand prix.

    Dou you think that the Chinese mafia will accept to loose so many money because Briatore distroy the result for his interest ? ? ?

    4th ) GP2 Future ? ?

    As Briatore can not have nothing to see in F1 or GP2 what do Mister Bruno Michel more here he works for Briatore from so long time and he only represent Briatore interess.


    5th ) Mathieu Michel and the RDD.

    Any renault driver in a renault championship or with renault engine is NOT acceptable. So RDD and Mathieu Michel doesn’t haver nothing to do in GP2

    I know that somes legal and penal actions will be begin against RDD, Briatore, Bruno and Mathieu Michel.

    Now everybody will tell what he knows about mafia behaviour of Briatore for having driver to manage and all what he can do for this. But the brother Michel will have some explanation to give in a few time.

    No question for Renault to help a driver OR A TEAM ( Ocan ) next year because more of a penal and legal action somebody can go in front of FIA and ask ” look what they do one more time ” and Renault I hope is not ready to risk banishment for somes GP2 drivers or GP2 teams ?

    6th )in the GP2 organisator commity it was Briatore and Michel but everybody knows that Bruno Michel is ” the man of Briatore ” how can he stays after the sanction of Briatore everybody can says ” Michel do this for Briatore “.

    So bye bye Briatore Bruno and Mathieu.

    • Nick says:

      Francois, you watch too much movie on TV……..!
      Try to learn something about law!
      FIA is only a motorsport court, NOT a penal or civil court!

      • Francois says:

        Yes but the spys in the Mc Laren story are punish by penal Italian court ! ! !

        The problem in motorsport is than everybody forget than upper the sportive tribunal there are the civilian and penal court ! !

        If somebody do a bet of one million on Massa victory he can win 6 millions. So Briatore and renault was guilty of swindle;
        It seems that you forget that the first thing that Briatore has done is to go in front of the french and english penal court against the father and son Piquet ! ! !

        AND NOW ? ? ? ? What is the face of Renault I hope that Piquet will continue the penal action begin by Renault and Briatore to conter attack against them.

        The biggest problem in motorsport is people forget the civilian court and the commun law ! ! They all thinking there are upper all the law ! !

    • gp2 insider says:

      As mentioned, I only hope this situation brings with it significant changes in GP2 as a consequence. Many would like to see a renewal of the category’s management team and a more level playing field.

  8. Fletcher says:

    Isn’t Briatore only barred from FIA sanctioned events and clearly GP2 is not.

  9. gp2 insider says:

    Fletcher, unless I’m very mistaken, I believe GP2 is sanctioned by the FIA. For example, Charlie Whiting is the race director at every GP2 race, right?

    Not 100% sure, but I think GP2 is FIA.

  10. Rob says:

    GP2 is not a FIA homologated series, but they do act as the stewards and scrutineers at race meetings, largely because they’re at FIA race meetings.

    And “Francois” may be right in pointing out that people can seek remedy from the civil courts (a certain French speaking team boss has certainly sought redress against race organisers previously), but he should probably be slightly wary of throwing around unproven allegations in a public forum for the same reason…

  11. Francois says:

    In any case Briatore will be also push out of QPR. Mital stop all his relationship with Briatore. Renault was push out of the ” Eurostox 50 ” ( the european stock market )

    If any Reanualt driver or RDD driver of a team helped by Renault ( as Ocean ) or a team helped ( having more possibilities to pay his debt ) it will be desastrous for Renault.
    Imagine somebody doing an action in front of a civilian court and wining, the decision being ” it is a non fair championship because renault give the engine and help somes driver and somes teams ”
    With this non oposable decision ( of a court ) Renault HAVE TO BE EXCLUDED FROM F1 FOR EVER ! ! !

    Will Renault take the risk ? ? ? For somes RDD drivers or for Ocean or for Monteiro ? ? ?

    B.Michel cannot continue because everybody can imagine he will do this for his boss Briatore.

    So Michel have to leave , as Mathieu Michel also and RDD also. In any case now it will be impossible to see any RDD driver in any championship with renault engine or organised by renault. Because if somebody goes and win in front of a court it is all renault F1 who will be punish. But for ever ! ! ! The same of course in GP3 ! ! ! with renault engine.

    Now the mafia of Briatore and his men with the managment of all theses drivers is finish ! ! !

  12. fletcher says:

    I nominate GP2 insider(who ever you are) to replace Michel

  13. gp2 insider says:

    Hmmm… .risky proposition. But thanks for the vote of confidence!

  14. Nick says:

    I nominate my self to replace BM !!

  15. Fletcher says:

    Did anyone notice the dismal attendance for the race. Surely GP2 still can’t stand alone. We need a marketing genius for GP2. Why can WRS do it and not GP2?

  16. hannah Banana says:

    Ok, back to Portimao’s racing:

    I am surprised that no one has said anything about Michael Herck and his great drive on Saturday race. He finished in the points FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in TWO years!!! It was about time don’t you think? He was strong and had a good pace.

    Too bad that in the end, it was shown that he cut the chicane at the start (25 second penalty) and then that his team cheated (floor too low)…

    DPR finished last again with no point (they had a couple last season thanks to Nunes… not Herck) – but I think Portimao – albeit the mistake and the cheating – showed that Michael is finally getting the pace and could do something interesting in 2010.

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