Briatore effect on GP2

The recent suspension of Flavio Briatore for an “unlimited period” is causing doubts and confusion regarding its impact on GP2.briatore-michel

Currently, the FIA ruling bans Briatore from any FIA-sanctioned event, threatening also to not sanction any event in which Briatore is involved or grant licenses to teams, entities or drivers engaged with him.

The first interpretation of this ruling is easy:  Briatore is out of F1 for an unlimited period, though not necessarily a lifetime ban.

After that, we need to get past all the legal crap and get to the point.

  • Basically, if Briatore launches a racing series it will not be sanctioned by the FIA.
  • If a driver is represented by Flavio, their FIA license will be revoked or not renewed for next season.  Currently, and if I’m not mistaken, this affects Alonso, Webber, Kovalainen and Grosjean in F1 – plus surely many  drivers in other categories
  • If a team is legally “engaged” with Briatore, it will not be able to participate in FIA sanctioned events.  I’m not clear on the extent of this “engagement”, but surely if Briatore is a shareholder in a team it will be banned.  For GP2, the question is if Flavio actually has shares in Barwa Addax or Ocean Racing – the 2 teams that come to mind that could be involved with him.
  • The final point is related to the word “entity”.  GP2 is an entity, owned by private equity group CVC, though I do not know in what percentage.  Whether Briatore or Ecclestone also own a share, even the smallest share in GP2 Motorsports Limited, I have no idea. Point is, though, if Briatore does own even a share, the entitiy (GP2) will not race under the FIA flag anymore.
  • Whether this affects his business partners, mainly Bruno Michel, I cannot infer that from the FIA ruling.  It seems anti-natural that Michel is able to stay as the GP2 head given his close and incontestable ties to Flavio.  Apart from the ethics, I have no information to conclude that he has to leave.
  • Another “entity” is Mecachrome, and whether Briatore is a shareholder.  I believe he is, though it is just speculation from my part.  If so, legally Mecachrome cannot continue to supply engines to GP2.  The only alternative would be for Flavio to sell his stake – if he has one.

My personal opinion and prediction for  GP2:codello

  • Dallara will continue to supply the chassis.
  • Mecachrome will continue to supply the engines – until the next generation of GP2 cars are launched.  At this point, a new engine supplier will be introduced, if not due to Flavio, due to the declining quality and reliability of these engines.  As discussed in previous posts, an F1-link such as Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari would be a good option.
  • Bruno Michel will step down as GP2 boss, arguably in favor of Marco Codello – always with co-GP2 organizer Laurence Eckle at his side.

Bottom line, the category will live on, past characters such as Briatore and Michel.


19 Responses to Briatore effect on GP2

  1. Big' says:

    Don’t forget Renault’s fact.
    They said they continue their involvement in motorsport so we will wait and see.

    Imo wee can see a merge between WSR and GP2.

    RDD isn’t a Renault property?
    Maybe they will put the buisness to Mathieu Michel.

    Some drivers doesn’t need RDD support just like Charles Pic because he is sponsorised by Total and Renault group.

    • Nick says:

      A merge between WSR and GP2 should be the best solution for all! But I don’t think will be possible.
      Cancel the GP3 with new turbo cars and replace this fact with IFM should be the natural and the best solution at all!

  2. gp2 insider says:

    I agree.. a continuation of GP2 with IFM pushed into the F1 circus is the best solution (forget WSR). Problem with this scenario is that Mauro Sipsz is pissed off at the FIA after getting shafted on his F1 bid this past May.

    • Nick says:

      Sipsz and KSO F1 ambition was fired at the first round with a trick…..Now KSO are waiting the second round in front of EU arbitrate to continue the battle to have the F1 entry!

  3. Thomas says:

    Briatore does not manage Alonso, Luis Garcia Abad has been his manager for several years.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Luis Garcia Abad is his agent. Briatore is his manager. 2 distinct roles.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Thomas, it seems that I stand corrected. In an interview with Spanish sports newspaper Marca, Alonso said that Abad is his manager and will continue to be… Seems like Briatore is out of the management picture for Fernando. Maybe as a result of the McLaren switch in 2007?

  4. Fletcher says:

    Cancell GP3 and WRS and that would push teams with the right resources and finances to join GP2. There are at least four teams in GP2 that don’t belong there and all under new management (FIA) with Cosworth Zytec engines

  5. gp2 insider says:

    Not FIA management please! For some reason, categories such as GP2, WSR, etc. all lack the unity to create “their FOTA”. My opinion is that in racing, as in most professional sports, the teams should manage the business.

  6. Francois says:

    ING leave Renault with imediate effect ! !

    M.M has also left with imediate effect.

    In business companies there are not the same mafia like in FIA. And if FIA doesn’t punish enough Renault only to keep them in F1 all business companies have a normal reaction.


  7. gp2aswell says:

    a GP2 to WSR switch in 2011 could be arguable.

    Renault would still maintain the engine supplying, Dallara with their chassis could stay in the business.

    We know that until Flavio was there, there was 2 Renaults: the F1 and the Renault Sport. Now that everything should stay under the Renault Sport wing, I think that a WSR as support race for F1 starting from 2011 could be possible.

    If the Briatore’s ban is respected, and not changed by Todt.

    And what about the declaration of the FIA, saying that a team manager can’t manage drivers because it’s a conflict of interests?

    And if this manager and team owner should also be the FIA president’s son?

    How the other teams could be sure that a sanction to the team or a managed driver could be fair?

    • Francois says:

      It is a joke.

      I tell this from so long time.


      Bruno Michel ( THE MAN OF BRIATORE ) and his brother Mathieu ( THE MAN OF RDD )

      Doesn’t have an enourmous conflict of interests with all the rdd drivers and ex-rdd drivers in GP2 ? ? ? ? ?

      What is this joke ? Renault makes a championship WSR and is engine supplier for another one GP2 and it can comes in theses champioship renault driver or ex-renault drivers or teams helped by renault or owned by associate of Briatore.


      Ask to any civilian court what they think in a championship with engine renault to have 2 times the third renault driver ? ? ? Grosjean and also Di Grassi.

      It is only naive people from motorsport who can imagine it is a fair championship without conflict of interests ! !

  8. Francois says:

    Something very interesting !!

    A website in flamish ( belgian ) hppp:// ; speak about this . But I’m not 100% sure and I have asked a friend to translate but he is also not sure 100 %.

    CVC the owner of the F1 rights but ALSO THE NEW OWNER OF GP2 ! ! ! seems to be very unhappy against Ecclestone after Bernie says the sanction against Briatore was too hard.

    CVC seems to say that now Bernie seems to loose the feeling of reallity after what he says about Hitler.

    If really CVC is not happy about the fact that Bernie say he find the punishment of Briatore too hard that’s mean that CVC is really not ready to let ” the man ” of Briatore at the top of GP2 and the days of Bruno Michel and Mathieu seems to be counted.

    • Nick says:

      Yes, but: a board not active member of CVC ( Sir Martin Sorrel WPP CEO and major shareholder )said that BE has loose the feeling with reality regarding the F1 business generally, and NOT only about the crashgate!

      • Francois says:

        It is confirmed in the Daily mail Mister Martin sorrel CEO of CVC says he is not happy with what B.E. says.
        He says that B.E. loose the feeling but when ? ? ?
        After and about what B.E. says about Briatore sanction.

        That’s mean clearly that CVC don’t want to see Briatore again in F1 but also not in GP2.

        So they can’t be happy with ” the man of Briatore ” Bruno Michel.

  9. Nick says:

    1) M. Sorrel is NOT the CVC CEO!
    2) I don’t think that Sir M. Sorrel have the right to pull out FB of F1 business !
    3) Remembeer that CVC board is NOT happy about the last financial statement of the company!!!
    4) Personally I hope in quick a renewal in GP2 business, but is not so easy!

  10. Nick says:

    1) M.Sorrel is NOT the CVC CEO!
    2) I don’t think that Sir Sorrel have the right to pull out FB of F1 business !
    3) Remember that CVC board is NOT happy about the last financial statement of the company!!!
    4) Personally I hope in quick a renewal in GP2 business, but is not so easy!

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