Poll results: Second best rookie of 2009

Little discussion that the best rookie of 2009 was Nico Hulkenberg.  His dominance was clear and he was clearly above the other drivers after his early season problems.

Our poll asked who was the 2nd best rookie, and here are the results:Poll - 2009 rookie

With no disrespect to Razia, the results were heavily skewed as a result of his intense campaign in Twitter and other sites.  I think Luiz himself knows he could have had a better season, though he clearly went from worst to better as the season moved along… capped by a good Sunday win at Monza.  8 points to show for the whole season is not a great result, especially after coming off a strong Euroseries F3000 season.

But polls are like this, a popular vote, and the winner is the winner.

My opinion is that the best rookie of 2009 was Davide Rigon.  He is a wonderful driver with great talent, but lacks the financial resources to give his ability an open playing field.  He is constantly held back by his financial limitations and Trident is a broken team.  Three points are a dismal tally, but Davide was never fully able to put his foot down.

The other top drivers were clearly Pérez and van der Garde, who I hope we’ll see again in 2010.  Sergio had a very irregular season, after building much expectation following a great GP2 Asia campaign.  I think he was sometimes a victim of his youth and desire, but if he is back next season he will challenge for the title.  He should have finished well in the top-10 in the points, but his final part of the season was a disaster.

In the completely opposite case, van der Garde had a terrible start to the season, leading many to speculate about the lack of talent in WSR… if this was their champ, the others must really be bad!  But Giedo got it together and put several wins under his belt, including a great drive at Monza.  Giedo was expected to do well, and he did after some early teething pains in GP2.

A good crop of new talent in 2009.  Let’s see who comes back in 2010 for a second go at the GP2 title….


6 Responses to Poll results: Second best rookie of 2009

  1. Nick says:

    The best rookie of 2009, for me is G. Van De Garde !
    I hope to see him in 2010 in a top team!


    • Dafne says:

      I think Giedo was in a top team! it is iSport! in the last three years it was in the top three!!!

      I think Razia was so unlucky this season, but I love his race in Monza! I think he is talented!

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Perez! No doubt! He wasn’t so lucky but he made fantastic races. 😀

  3. fletcher says:

    Perez in my opinion was 2nd best. He is a charger no matter where in the grid he started. Made hardly any mistakes and outqualified his teammate in almost every race despite being the youngest in the field. He should gun for the title next year if he goes to Barwa

  4. terrie says:

    I think Rookie of the year should be Luiz Razia. He is definitely talented and i expect to see great results from him next season.

  5. Rodrigo says:

    This boy and the most promising new world of motor racing!
    Surely he will capea World F-1, and so have a chance!

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