Abu Dhabi practice – track conditions will be key for qualifying

Checking out the results from this morning’s practice session, it is clear the track conditions will be key for the afternoon’s qualifying session.  With the track continuously dirty from the sand and with little rubber, reading the track will be one of the most important factors later today.

The F1 cars will put some more rubber on the road, but watching their first practice session it seems as though they are also being extremely cautious on a very slippery track.   This may not help GP2 that much, but any rubber that is laid down will help.

In terms of practice results, Valsecchi was almost 1.5 seconds clear of Marcus Ericsson’s ART – precisely because of a late run that was not matched by other drivers.   Herck did the same, claiming 3rd place towards the end of the session.

During most of the session, the “usual suspects” were on top:  Filippi and Rodríguez, with many rookies up there as well – most notably Bird, Leimer, Rossi and Piscopo.

Let’s see what happens in qualifying… don’t forget to vote on the poll for tomorrow’s race.


New poll: Abu Dhabi feature race winner?

New poll, as suggested by our friend Nick… Hurry, poll will close Saturday morning!

Poll results: Luca Filippi favorite

With over 500 votes tabulated, Luca Filippi has emerged as the pre-season favorite to take the GP2 Asia/Middle East title this year.  His preseason testing looked solid, no doubt helping his case!gp2 asia winner poll

– Bianchi and Ericsson will share ART seat

– Valecchi currently confirmed only for Abu Dhabi with iSport

Where are the Asians in GP2 Asia?

Just an obvious observation… 12 teams, 24 drivers, 0 Asians.

If the market is so big, so healthy, so interested in racing, why is there not a single Asian driver in this year’s GP2 Asia championship?

No Al Fardan, no Chia Chen … or the “veterans” Yoshimoto, Yamamoto or Chandhok.

Curious isn’t it?  Maybe the positioning is a bit off?  Or is it just that GP2 Asia has no Asian relevance?

It really does lend itself to serious analysis from the organization, in my humble opinion.

Abu Dhabi final session : Filippi fastest overall

Luca Filippi has closed out the two-day test on top, probably a sign of things to come at the GP2 Asia opener next weekend.

1. Luca Filippi Meritus 1m51.415s 28
2. Roldan Rodriguez Coloni 1m51.435s 26
3. Davide Valsecchi iSport 1m51.508s 15
4. Fabio Leimer Ocean 1m51.650s 19
5. Diego Nunes Meritus 1m51.993s 25
6. Rodolfo Gonzalez Arden 1m52.083s 28
7. Christian Vietoris DAMS 1m52.235s 29
8. Josef Kral Super Nova 1m52.294s 11
9. Marcus Ericsson ART 1m52.297s 18
10. Michael Herck DPR 1m52.420s 25 Read more of this post

Abu Dhabi day 2- morning session: Valsecchi again

Times from this morning’s session at Yas Marina (from Italiaracing.net):

1 – Davide Valsecchi – iSport – 1’52″3
2 – Sam Bird – ART – 1’53″1
3 – Luiz Razia – Barwa Addax – 1’53″3
4 – Josef Kral – Super Nova – 1’53″4
5 – Diego Nunes – Meritus – 1’53″8
6 – Johnny Cecotto – Trident – 1’53″9
7 – Max Chilton – Barwa Addax – 1’53″9
8 – Pablo Sanchez – Arden – 1’54″3
9 – Michael Herck – DPR – 1’54″4
10 – Fabio Leimer – Ocean – 1’54″4 Read more of this post

Abu Dhabi day 1: afternoon session – Filippi puts Meritus on top

Results from the afternoon session at the Yas Marina Abu Dhabi circuit:

1. Luca Filippi Meritus 1:52.842 23
2. Roldan Rodriguez Scuderia Coloni 1:53.091 26
3. Diego Nunes Meritus 1:53.188 28
4. Davide Valsecchi iSport International 1:53.279 18
5. Luiz Razia Barwa Addax Team 1:53.486 26
6. Sam Bird ART Grand Prix 1:53.572 27
7. Johnny Cecotto Trident Racing 1:53.681 35
8. Christian Vietoris DAMS 1:53.682 26
9. Daniel Zampieri Piquet GP 1:53.916 26
10. Max Chilton Barwa Addax Team 1:54.022 23 Read more of this post