Jerez: several places still to confirm

With the Jerez tests starting this Tuesday, there are still several spots yet to be confirmed by GP2 teams or drivers.  Most notably:

  • ART:  which should see the rumored Bianchi and Bottas in for at least one day….and now Massa
  • SuperNova:  only Teixeira confirmed according to Diogo… are the veterans Villa and Filippi coming back for a test?
  • Arden:  Clos only… where is Perez or any other Telmex driver (Duran, Gutierrez)?  Is the Mexican link gone?
  • Durango:  I’m still surprised they’re showing up at Jerez

If anyone is going to Jerez, please send over some pics over Twitter… I was planning to go but had to cancel due to another important set of meetings.


15 Responses to Jerez: several places still to confirm

  1. Big' says:

    Maybe Charles Pic will have a shot to Piquet Sports or Super Nova?

  2. gp2 insider says:

    Seeing Charles Pic testing at Ocean somehow helps to possibly solidify rumors that link Renault and Tiago Monteiro’s team. If Pic is an RDD driver, it would make more sense to test with Barwa, just like Grosjean and Valsecchi before him. Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

    • Francois says:

      Ah, ah, ah .

      It is 2 month that I told you.

      Monteiro have all his carriere paid buy Renault portugal.

      Nobody want to buy a GP2 team ! ! Look at Durango.

      So when BCN was in trouble they want only 500 000 euros ( the debts ) but nobody want to pay this.

      So Renault was oblige to buy them with the help of Renault Portugal who always helped Monteiro before.

      It is for this to thanks Renault Portugal that GP2 was in Portimao where it is absolutly no reson to go.

      So Ocean is renault money ( renault portugal but renault ) ! ! ! .

  3. monegasque says:

    Is Valsecchi disappeared at this time?

  4. Big' says:

    Charles Pic is more a Renault Sport Technologies driver just like his brother than Briatore driver.

    Maybe without Briatore the RDD looks like more Renault style.

    Don’t forget that Monteiro passed a lot of time in france in his life,he was a Renault sport F3 driver in France.

    And if Renault don’t want to put Pic under pressure against Bianchi in 2010 maybe they want to put in a discret position in a little team.

    Renault F1 director Caubet doesn’t seem to like Grosjean and according to Jean-Louis Moncet Grosjean didn’t impress the team.Renault look to Timo Glock for the second seat in 2010 alongside of Kubica.

    • Francois says:

      Ah, ah, ah .

      It is not so easy without all the help of RDD and with engine with 40 hp more than everybody;

      Grosjean is back where he was in karting before Renault help him in F.Renault ( S.G. when renault change his favorite from Graff Racing to S.G. and so Grosjean was helped +++)

      So now without 40 hp more than everybody like in F3 and in GP2 Grosjean is where he was in karting ( when everybody can have good endgine or change of engine ) LAST.

      But without the help of Briatore and brother Michel’s mafia it is normal.

      • monegasque says:

        I’m sorry Francois but I disagree with you. I don’t know the complete story of RGrosjean career, but without true evidences I think that talking about 40 HP more or less is NOT correct. In motorsport all people can hear this bullshit about a lot of drivers, since after the second world war! Probably RG is not a superdriver, but actually lets him drive his F1 Renault until the end of the season.

  5. Big' says:

    Okay François i’m not an insider just like so i have some questions…

    The french press was lying when they said that’s Grosjean started too late his karting career to be in a top team?

    According to you Pic and Bianchi are better than Grosjean?

    Why Mucke team went to GP3?

    Thank you.

    • Francois says:

      Bianchi of course.

      I don’t like him because he was always helped with the name of his gran father;

      But he is a very good driver.

      Pic less but he is a good driver.

      Pic I know that if he does GP2 somes team will make a penal protest against Renault and if Renault loose this it will have incredible bad consequenses for the FIA.

      Grosjean it is not true he start in karting late. He never doest a top ten. He was a very, very bad driver. Buemi, Hulkenberg Bianchi and other is normal to go in F1. But Grosjean begin to go fast the day when Renault take the decision to stop to help ” Graff Racing ” and begin to help S.G. ( the team of Grosjean with the first manager of Grosjean Stephane Gerin ). At somes races S.G. are 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was really a renault joke.

      With his father who is lawyer at the FIA tribunal it was not acceptable.

      1 – No punishment at the spy story ? ? ?

      2 – No punishment at the Valencia race ? ? ?

      3 – No punishment at the Singapore bandit ? ? ?

      Thanks papa Grosjean ! ! !


      Renault are bandits ! !

      Like when Baguette was disqualified for unregulars bearings after a website put a news telling about unregular bearings on the official renault cars.One week before the race.

      The problem with renault was always the same like mercedes they choose the winner. When Baguette was disqualified it was in the front page of newspaper ” Renault not regular in a Renault championshop ” ” Unacceptable “.

      That’s renault, it is unacceptable they was not strongly punished with Singapore story.

      I really tell you if this year it will be a Renault driver or an ex-renault driver helped by renault it will be a penal action against renault and the brother Michel.

      NO Renault driver in a championship with renault engines. How can accept this the other team ?

      • Nick says:

        Francois, could you please explain better this point : “Pic I know that if he does GP2 somes team will make a penal protest against Renault and if Renault loose this it will have incredible bad consequenses for the FIA. ”
        Thanks !

      • gp2 insider says:

        I am curious to hear this one as well, Francois. Please enlighten us with your information!

  6. Big' says:

    For you François,Ocean will be REnault junior team?

    • Francois says:

      Of course ! !

      Monteiro was always helped by Renault Portugal ! ! That’s sure ! ! !

      Monteiro don’t have one euros ! !

      When BCN was in financial trouble they want only the price of the debts but nobody want to buy the team because now it is easy to say what everybodu knows before GP2 are a non fair champioship with Briatore, Michel and renault who’s arrange all the champioship as they want.

      So nobody want to buy BCN.

      But they cannot let one team less so the find the solution with the help of the country in Portugal with renault Pportugal to buy the team not expensive because they can receive the cars.

      Monteiro, portugese. Parente portugese. Portimao portugese.

      Renault portugal portugese.

      You understand ? Nobody never asked why GP2 goes in Portimao ? ?

  7. Tap says:

    So in short you are suggesting Renault ‘helps’ RDD drivers in junior forumlas unfairly?

    If that is the case how come no RDD driver has ever won the GP2 title? Nico, Lewis, Glock, Pantano and Hulkenberg have no ties with Renault.

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