Jerez test-GP2 Asia bonus?

As I was reviewing the list of drivers currently confirmed for this week’s Jerez GP2 test, I wondered how many of these are bonuses for signing a full GP2 Asia season?

For example, the pitch might be:  sign for GP2 Asia (at a full/high budget) and I will throw in the GP2 Main Jerez (or November at Paul Ricard, or both) for free.  Does it make any sense?

Seeing drivers such as Chris van der Drift, Vladimir Abradadzhiev, Will Bratt or Johnny Cecotto I begin to think if there is more to this….  One GP2 Main test day probably still costs around €20.000 on average.  Many teams would throw this in for free in exchange for the tranquility of a signed GP2 Asia driver.

James Jakes has announced he will be in GP2 Asia with SuperNova. Let’s see if he shows up at Jerez as well…


One Response to Jerez test-GP2 Asia bonus?

  1. monegasque says:

    Very difficult answer here! Expecially at this time during a huge economical crisis.
    But I think that the cost of one day test depend of the Team.
    At Jerez I think that you want to test one day with iSport or ART, you must pay more than 20.000 € per day.

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