Jerez Day 1 – afternoon session: Bianchi takes control

Jules Bianchi is following in the footsteps of Nico Hulkenberg to perfection… ART driver, F3 Euro champ and now GP2 promise…. future champ?bianchi jerez day1

Great showing for Vietoris and Gutierrez as well, with Cecotto showing his good form from Monza.   Sam Bird still up in top times, as is WSR race-winner Oliver Turvey.

Durango showed up for the afternoon session with 1 car and Italian F3 driver Castellacci at the wheel… though he posted a terrible time over 10 seconds slower than Bianchi.

Top 5 in aggregate times for the day:  (1) Valsecchi (2) Rodríguez (3) Bianchi (4) D’Ambrosio (5) Nunes  … 1 rookie among 4 veterans.

Times for the afternoon session (from GP2 Series website):

1. Jules Bianchi – ART                                   1:26.919

2. Jérôme d’Ambrosio – iSport                        1:26.938

3. Diego Nunes  (Fat Burner RE)                    1:26.967

4. Roldan Rodriguez  (Fat Burner RE)             1:27.087

5. Christian Vietoris  (Barwa Addax)                1:27.299

6. Esteban Gutierrez (ART)                              1:27.403

7. Johnny Cecotto (Trident)                               1:27.503

8. Charles Pic (Telmex Arden)                          1:27.638

9. Sam Bird  (DAMS)                                        1:27.787

10. Oliver Turvey (iSport)                                  1:27.849

11. Ricardo Teixeira  (Super Nova)                   1:28.004

12. Alexander Rossi (Piquet GP)                     1:28.005

13. Fabio Onidi  (Party Poker Coloni)               1:28.369

14. Philip Eng (Ocean)                                      1:28.371

15. Victor Garcia (DPR)                                    1:28.476

16. Josef Kral (Ocean)                                      1:28.636

17. Michael Herck  (DPR)                                 1:28.700

18. Luiz Razia  (Piquet GP)                              1:28.744

19. Edoardo Piscopo  (Trident)                         1:28.872

20 Rodolfo Gonzalez (Telmex Arden)              1:29.169

21. James Jakes (Super Nova)                       1:29.472

22. Stefano Coletti  (DAMS)                            1:29.529

23. Davide Valsecchi  (Party Poker Coloni)     1:30.675

24. Max Chilton (Barwa Addax)                      1:31.870

25. Francesco Castellaci  (Durango)               1:37.503


10 Responses to Jerez Day 1 – afternoon session: Bianchi takes control

  1. monegasque says:

    I imagine Bianchi as the next GP2 champion.
    Is one step ahead.

  2. Big' says:

    Pic made a good job on his Arden.
    He didn’t improve his time of this morning.
    He just had an Arden.

    • gp2 insider says:

      I detect a bit of sarcasm… No Renault black-hand to move Pic up the order… probably due to that Arden and not a Barwa or Ocean…

  3. Big' says:

    Imo i think that Pic will stay as RDD’s driver but they will give the time to Charles to grow up in a smaller team than Addax.

    He was evaluated by arden for a 2010 ride in main series he has done a far better job than gonzalez today.

  4. Fletcher says:

    Good to see my compatriot Gutierrez doing well but I really do hope he stays in F3 as he is still very young. Where is Perez?

  5. gp2 insider says:

    Buena pregunta! He won’t be at Jerez at all this week. Either he’s working on an F1 deal or Arden asked him to step aside so they can cash in with some more paying drivers??

    What’s curious is that Telmex is still the title sponsor. Either they’re closing out the season like this or they’re being generous and allowing Christian Horner to run other guys.

    For me then the question is, why isn’t Pablo Sánchez, member of Escudería Telmex, testing at Jerez?

  6. Fletcher says:

    Or at least Salvador Duran. Very strange. There was a story in the Mexican newspapers back in June that had Perez doing a deal with Campos F1 along side delaRosa so who knows. Another possibility is that Perez is back home watching the qualifying matches this week. He is a big soccer fan more so than motor racing.

    • gp2 insider says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Salvador Durán is not part of the Escudería Telmex anymore, at least according to their website.

  7. sauber11 says:

    italiaracing magazine suggest, that ART will test Bianchi,Gutierrez and … Perez!
    Mb its mistake and ART test Perez, not Charouz?!

  8. gp2 insider says:

    Charouz will test 2 days according to his own website…though it says 6 and 7 October

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