Jerez – Day 1 morning session: Valsecchi quickest

Valsecchi and Rodriguez taking advantage of their experience to be 1st and 2nd.  Impressive (though expected) Jules Bianchi in 3rd with ART.

Other nice surprises are Pic in 6th, Vietoris 7th, Bird 10th and Gutierrez 11th.   Surprised to see Cecotto so far down in 19th and Turvey in 14th. Durango is there, but not testing anyone today after failing to agree with Puglisi… disaster!

Let’s see what the afternoon session has in store…

Morning session times published on Italiaracing:

1. Davide Valsecchi – PartyPoker Coloni – 1’26″408

2. Roldan Rodriguez – Racing Engineering – 1’26″707

3. Jules Bianchi – ART – 1’27″184

4. Diego Nunes – Racing Engineering – 1’27″187

5. Jerome D’Ambrosio – iSport – 1’27″322

6. Charles Pic – Arden – 1’27″380

7. Christian Vietoris – Barwa Addax – 1’27″413

8. Luiz Razia – Piquet GP – 1’27″635

9. Stefano Coletti – Dams – 1’27″728

10. Sam Bird – Dams – 1’27″767

11. Esteban Gutierrez – ART – 1’27″987

12. Michael Herck – DPR – 1’28″196

13. James Jakes – Super Nova – 1’28″251

14. Oliver Turvey – iSport – 1’28″260

15. Alexander Rossi – Piquet GP – 1’28″480

16. Edoardo Piscopo – Trident – 1’28″489

17. Rodolfo Gonzales – Arden – 1’28″509

18. Philip Eng – Ocean – 1’28″551

19. Johnny Cecotto – Trident – 1’28″907

20. Fabio Onidi – PartyPoker Coloni – 1’28″924

21. Ricardo Teixeira – Super Nova – 1’29″111

22. Josef Kral – Ocean – 1’29″901

23 . Victor Garcia – DPR – 1’29″941

24. Max Chilton – Barwa Addax – 1’31″968


18 Responses to Jerez – Day 1 morning session: Valsecchi quickest

  1. Dafne says:

    There is any site where I can find photos of the day in Jerez???

  2. sauber11 says:

    Small mistake there, Bird time 1.28 , not 1.22
    Nothing impressive from him btw, he already tested with Dams 2 days at Jerez one year ago.

    Pic also tested 2 days at Jerez one year ago , so the only ones that really showed impressive speed were superb Bianchi,Gutierrez and Vietoris.
    But they drive for two very best teams ART and Barwa :\ Oh, and italiaracing reporting that Filippi, not Maldonado will drive for supernova.

    And finally, go-go Alexander Rossi ! 🙂

  3. monegasque says:

    I really don’t understand why Piscopo and some other WITHOUT budget or attitude, insist to continue an useless dream!

  4. gp2 insider says:

    Piscopo has always been a mystery to me. After being unable to keep his Red Bull driver status, he has not been able to complete any full season anywhere. Maybe he has found enough for GP2?

    • Go_For_Pole says:

      This is inaccurate. Piscopo did the full year in 2008 and lost the Italian F3 title at the last race to Bortolotti. All year they were almost impossible to seperate.

      • gp2 insider says:

        You are very right…. but Piscopo failed to capitalize on this strong F3 Italia season. Lack of money but also lack of management. What has he done since? Jump from category to category with little success.

      • monegasque says:

        Please, be serious!
        Only one win in races!And where is Bortolotti after his F2 season?
        Piscopo should be in a right way to have a career!
        No more attempts.
        He always has budget and I repeat, he have talent.
        My opinion is that he should be more professional.

      • Go_For_Pole says:

        What Piscopo has done since Italian F3? Formula 2 and he has done ok, not as well as Mirko but ok. And if you consider a GP2 test or the Asia four races jumping around, then what can I say? If he can afford Trident’s price (which I assume can not be that high), then why not?

      • Go_For_Pole says:

        and please do not think I am his best friend or anything, I am simply shocked about what was written about him.

      • monegasque says:

        Only Soucek done OK in F2.
        Second is the first loser.
        Why don’t do test in USA or In F. Nippon ?
        Or in MotoGp ?

  5. sauber11 says:

    Piscoto is going to do gp2 asia season.

    • gp2 insider says:

      I admire his persistence, but… what for? Isn’t it better to save the cash and race in Europe next year, even if in F2?

    • monegasque says:

      OK, but for what?
      He nede to know what he want!
      He need a REAL manager, not a friend to go to disco.
      He need to spend his budget to achieve SOMETHING, not only dreams!

      • gp2 insider says:

        Who is his manager? I agree his is very lost and he’s better off changing. This is such a common site with young drivers. They start off with friends and family as managers and never change when they really need to evolve their careers. A real pity how many drivers have thrown away their options with bad choices…

  6. monegasque says:

    Piscopo manager: a mix between father, parents and who try to have fun with him along the way,,,,
    Pity and serious because Edo could have the opportunity to win something !
    But, it’s not too late?

    • gp2 insider says:

      Not too late for sure. I briefly saw brilliance from him in F3 Euroseries, but faded quickly when Dr. Marko dropped him from Red Bull.

      My opinion (and I know you will agree) would be to save his GP2 Asia cash and race the IFM in 2010. If he shines there, he has a good chance of catching someone’s interest. If he shines in GP2 Asia/Middle East, basically no one will care… What do you think?

      • Nick says:

        100% with you.
        He need a manager not a friend. It’s a shame throw away a brilliant talent. He should try to win IFM 2010 and then try to grow up! Low budget big goal!
        I’m sure that he don’t have at this time the budget for GP2 main. He dont already have a good feeling with HP. ( remember his A1Gp shameful experience)

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