Who’s missing at Jerez?

With the 3-day Jerez list published in a previous post, we see 9 regular 2009 GP2 drivers missing.  Though this is not necessarily strange, I wanted to hypothesize on why they were not driving around the Spanish circuit.

  • Karun Chandhok:  I follow KC on Twitter and he has been active in his role as a TV commentator.  Apart from that, he is on many F1 lists – mainly at Force India.
  • Alvaro Parente:  I was sure we would see him at Jerez with Ocean, but he’s nowhere to be seen.  Clearly budget has always been an issue with Alvaro, so maybe he elected to sit this one out.   Another reason, judging by the Ocean driver lineup, is that Monteiro has decided to make some cash during these 3 days.  At a conservative €20k per driver, Ocean could rack up €120k in revenues this week.  Not bad..
  • Vitaly Petrov:  The runner-up has probably outgrown his GP2 days.  He is on “the list” for Campos F1 and many see him there – though it is still highly unlikely that Campos will be in F1 next year due to budget problems.  If this falls through, will Vitaly take another shot at GP2?
  • Javier Villa:  The eternal test day top-5 guy is missing from Jerez.   He had a decent season with Super Nova but has probably saved his limited budget for a March test or for next year.  He has little options other that repeating GP2 next year, when he would become one of the serious veterans.
  • Lucas diGrassi: Employed as Renault F1 3rd driver, Lucas has no reason to be at Jerez.
  • Sergio Pérez: As commented with Fletcher in comments of other posts, a mystery why he’s not at Jerez.  His sponsor (Telmex) is still visible on the Arden cars, so we would expect him – or another Mexican – with Christian Horner’s team.  My only theory is that, just like Ocean, Arden wants to make some extra cash from the Jerez tests.
  • The others: Luca Filippi, Andy Zuber and Davide Rigon – I assume are due to budget issues.

Let’s see how many of these fail to show up at Paul Ricard next month…


8 Responses to Who’s missing at Jerez?

  1. sauber11 says:

    Parente,Petrov,Perez – 3P all looking for f1 drive, it has been reported.
    So the ones that missed Chandhok ( not going return to gp2 ? ), Villa ( he will do gp2 in 2010) ,and Filippi.
    Also expected to see Bottas and Sims, mb they will later this season.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Surely a lot of non-GP2 drivers are missing from my list as well: Bottas, Sims, Caldarelli, Baguette, Hartley… but I was referring to the guys who just finished the GP2 season.

    • monegasque says:

      Sims will ride in Euro F3 next year maybe with ART.

      • Tap says:

        Chandhok is rummoured to be Force India bound so I doubt he will do another season in GP2. Petrov is rummoured to have a big F1 budget so I think he’ll make the jump to F1. A lot of people are saying that Perez has already signed with Addax for 2010.

        I think the Paul Ricard test in November will probably show more of who will be driving for who. If a team runs a driver again in PR that they ran in Jerez it most likely means he is a serious contender.

  2. Diogo Oliveira says:

    Of course Parente didn’t go to Jerez. Why would he? He has nothing to prove.

    Next year, we’ll see him in F1. (H)

    • gp2 insider says:

      I hope not… would prefer to see him fight for the GP2 title.

      • Diogo Oliveira says:

        I don’t… I prefer Álvaro in F1. He’s one of the best drivers in the world and he deserves a spot there. All indicates that it will be Virgin-Manor. 😀

  3. Tap says:

    Your information on costs of GP2 tests is a bit wide of the mark. It is not possible for anyone to know how much teams are asking for or actually getting (unless you work for or in accounts of a GP2 team). Also the telmex logos on the Arden cars quite possibly means nothing at all, perhaps they just didn’t bother to take them off as some teams didn’t drive their trucks back to their workshops after Portugal

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