Jerez Day 3: afternoon session: Marcus Ericsson closes up on top

Rookie Marcus Ericsson has matched his future rival Jules Bianchi by leading the final test session at Jerez this afternoon.  Ericsson, in an ART Dallara, set a time faster than Dani Clos – whoericsson jerez d3 kept Racing Engineering’s strong pace at their “home track” – and an impressive Fabio Leimer, showing what he will be capable of in GP2.  Razia in 4th was well over 3-tenths clear of Leimer.

So overall, good result for GP2 rookies Ericsson, Leimer, Turvey and Rossi.  Chris van der Drift at number 11, but almost a second behind Ericsson.   The awaited return of Bruno Senna landed him in 14th place while Loeb was last in this session – over 2 seconds from the leader.

Times :

1    Marcus Ericsson    ART    1:25.970

2   Dani Clos    FAT BURNER RE    1:26.105

3   Fabio Leimer    OCEAN 1:26.193

4   Jerome D’Ambrosio   FAT BURNER RE    1:26.483

5  Luis Razia    BARWA ADDAX     1:26.546

6   Marco Bonanomi   PARTY POKER   1:26.607

7  Oliver Turvey  GBR  ISPORT     1:26.648

8   Davide Valsecchi    SUPER NOVA  1:26.651

9   Alexander Rossi   DAMS    1:26.740

10  Roldán Rodríguez    TELMEX ARDEN 1:26.846

11  Chris van der Drift    PIQUET GP    1:26.858

12  James Jakes    SUPER NOVA  1:26.956

13   William Bratt    PARTY POKER  1:27.137

14   Bruno Senna    ISPORT   1:27.173

15    Rodolfo González    OCEAN 1:27.186

16   Edoardo Mortara    TELMEX ARDEN  1:27.311

17   Michael Herck    DPR    1:27.327

18   Filip Salaquarda    TRIDENT   1:27.421

19  Max Chilton    BARWA ADDAX 1:27.438

20  Francesco Castellacci    DURANGO    1:27.615

21   Fabio Onidi    TRIDENT    1:27.698

22   Jan Charouz    ART  1:27.845

23   Jon Lancaster    DAMS   1:27.893

24  Vladimir Arabadzhiev    PIQUET GP    1:28.059

25   Sebastien Loeb    DPR    1:28.114


7 Responses to Jerez Day 3: afternoon session: Marcus Ericsson closes up on top

  1. Fujer says:

    Ericsson and Bianchi for ART 2010? 😀 could be some sick racing!

  2. Tap says:

    I heard Ericsson is signing with iSport, although it looks like they have some work to do to catch up with ART both van der Garde and Ericsson were quick in different cars. However d’Ambrosio was very quick in the iSport car so who knows. I think Ericsson will want to sign with ART but rumour has it they already have their 2 drivers sorted and I don’t believe Ericsson is one of them. Hmmmm I would expect some teams to start annoucements re Abu Dhabi, maybe that will be an indicator.

  3. Patrik says:

    I do hope Marcus and Jules signs for ART this would be a extremely strong and competitve line-up, I don’t think iSport is as good of a team.

    • gp2 insider says:

      Let’s not fall in “the GP2 trap”! iSport is as good a team as ART… and we can put Racing Engineering, Barwa Addax and maybe Super Nova in this pack. Though I wish it was different, there are differences with the bottom runners in GP2, mainly due to budgets and the rate of replacement and maintenance of key parts.

      A driver like Ericsson, Bianchi, Leimer and company would do equally well in what I have called the “GP2 Stars” in previous posts. See this post for a series on this…

      Also check out the posts that follow on the “survivors” and “backmarkers”.

  4. Patrik says:

    maybe Max CHilton should join his brother at BTCC?

    he’s not been fast at all, I wonder why Barwa/addax signed him? money?

  5. monegasque says:

    Rally and track are very different things…… 😉

  6. Seppefan says:

    I hear Bratt had his hyraulics go on his first day and engine go yday afternoon when he had two pairs of softs left for a time. Have a feeling he has more speed to show.

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