Jerez Day 3 – morning session: Dani Clos on top in drying session

With the expecation of seeing both Bruno Senna and Sebastien Loeb on track at Jerez, the local boys from Fat Burner loeb jerezRacing Engineering have pulled a 1-2 in the morning session with Dani Clos and Jerome D’Ambrosio.

At the end, Senna placed 14th and Loeb 18th, though as Tap points out in a comment, the track was drying throughout the session so times may not be comparable.  Bad day overall for ART, with both Charouz and Ericsson at the bottom, though again, attributed to red flags and a changing track.

Mystery solved for Super Nova.  At the end, neither Filippi nor Maldonado, but Valsecchi instead who was anxious for more track time  after Tuesday’s result.  At Durango, Castellacci is back, so Puglisi will not be testing for Pinton’s team.  Also, Onidi in for Piscopo at Trident.  Not sure if Edoardo is still suffering from his shunt on Tuesday…


1 Dani Clos – FAT BURNER RE 1:28.875

2 Jerome D’Ambrosio – FAT BURNER RE 1:28.936

3 Luis Razia – BARWA ADDAX TEAM 1:29.095

4 Edoardo Mortara – TELMEX ARDEN 1:29.372

5 William Bratt – PARTY POKER 1:29.527

6 Michael Herck – DPR  1:29.850

7 Oliver Turvey – ISPORT 1:29.932

8 Fabio Leimer – OCEAN  1:30.071

9 Roldán Rodríguez – TELMEX ARDEN 1:30.125

10 Filip Salaquarda – TRIDENT 1:30.197

11 Davide Valsecchi – SUPER NOVA 1:30.489

12 James Jakes – SUPER NOVA 1:30.498

13 Fabio Onidi – TRIDENT 1:30.611

14 Bruno Senna – ISPORT 1:30.995

15 Vladimir Arabadhziev – PIQUET GP 1:31.039

16 Rodolfo González – OCEAN 1:31.128

17 Jon Lancaster – DAMS 1:31.391

18 Sebastien Loeb – DPR 1:31.487

19 Max Chilton – BARWA ADDAX TEAM 1:32.083

20 Marco Bonanomi – PARTY POKER 1:32.210

21 Alexander Rossi – DAMS 1:33.592

22 Francesco Castellacci – DURANGO 1:34.135

23 Marcus Ericsson – ART GRAND PRIX 1:41.867

24 Chris van der Drift – PIQUET GP 1:42.140

25 Jan Charouz – ART GRAND PRIX 1:43.143


2 Responses to Jerez Day 3 – morning session: Dani Clos on top in drying session

  1. Tap says:

    drying track so I don’t think we can see much from the times.

  2. Patrik says:

    yeah and 2 red flags last 20 as the lads tried to improve thier times, Ericsson for example didn’t go out after the better times was done in the wet he was 7-ish for a long time

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