Racing Engineering – top team at Jerez

Since it is difficult to compare drivers due to their musical chairs game and the fact that track conditions were changing during the 3-day test, I thought it would be more indicative to compare teams and their performance.

I assigned 25 points for 1st place each day, 24 for 2nd, 23 for 3rd and so on… down to 1 point for 25th place.  Remember that one of the Durango cars did not see track time at Jerez.

The aggregate results:

Jerez team results chart

Local team Fat Burner Racing Engineering was the best-performing team during the 3-day test, mainly due to their performance on Day 1 and Day 3 with Rodríguez, Nunes, Clos and D’Ambrosio.  Day 2 was a bit slower given they had GP2 rookie Stan Pentus at the wheel.

After Alfonso De Orleans’ team was iSport, not surprising given their solid lineup for Jerez.   On Day 1 it was D’Ambrosio pulling the team’s weight with Oliver Turvey a bit down the order.  Rainy Day 2 saw Turvey improve in the standings while Marcus Ericsson struggled a bit with the car.  Finally, Turvey was again strong on Day 3, with Bruno Senna unable to crack the top 10.

Tied for 2nd was an impressive Coloni team, with Valsecchi and Valerio sharing a chassis that seemed perfectly setup for Jerez.   Marco Bonanomi took over the same car on Thursay, posting a strong 6th place in the test.

Up on top as well is the Barwa Addax Team, with a very strong Day 2 led by Giedo van der Garde (the fastest overall) and Diego Nunes.  The ex-iSport teammates pulled good results for Alejandro Agag’s team.  The team performance on the other 2 days was somewhat hindered by Max Chilton, apparently not able to get up to speed with the GP2 Dallaras.

The day-by-day standings by team:

Jerz teams day 1Jerz teams day 2Jerz teams day 3


One Response to Racing Engineering – top team at Jerez

  1. Diogo Oliveira says:

    I want to see Ocean Racing Technology win the GP2 Asia Series title, and for that they need some good drivers… with money. xD

    Fabio Leimer seemed to me like a good name for it.

    Why not bet in Pedro Petiz, Sporting CP’s driver in Superleague Fórmula? He’s not a open-wheel car driver but he’s doing better and better all the time in this type of cars.

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