Kobayashi’s last chance

With news surfacing that Timo Glock is still injured and will not contest the Brazilian GP this weekend, Kamui Kobayashi will get the chance to race that was denied to him at Suzuka.

Kamui has had a very disappointing GP2 season this year, one that started with great promise after winning the GP2 Asia championship.   Disappointing, not only to himself, but most likely to his Toyota backers as well.  Yet Kamui has continued his work as Toyota’s 3rd driver this season, and will now get the chance to debut in an F1 event – much like Kaz Nakajima did with Williams 2 years ago.

It is my opinion that this is Kam’s last chance at evolving his career.  He has never quite fulfilled his full potential as a future F1 driver and he will probably not get another shot at GP2 after 2 lukewarm seasons.  If Kam does a good job at Brazil, maybe he will get noticed enough by teams or he will be pushed into F1 by Toyota to sub for an equally disappointing Nakajima.

Best of luck to Kam at Brazil….


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