Red Bull continues to shun GP2

The recent GP2 tests at Jerez saw no current drivers from the Red Bull Junior Team.  Currently, 8 drivers make up this team, in my opinion, all of them potentially eligible and capable of driving a GP2 car next year.  Most notably, Hartley, Maki, Bortolotti or Wickens.

Why is this?  Dr. Marko and his crew already pulled back at the start of the 2009 season, leaving its support of Arden and with a decent track record of drivers in GP2:  Speed, Buemi, Jani, Zaugg, Chandhok.

My theory, is that Red Bull has left GP2 consciously aware that it has little to offer its more “senior” drivers.   In recent years it has found a significant bottleneck between GP2 and F1 – in many cases losing drivers since they have nothing to offer them.  Most notably, Sebastian Vettel and Vitantonio Liuzzi.

The Red Bull Junior Team has lacked planning and vision, trying to be everywhere – in which it has succeeded – but failing to worry about the drivers and their ultimate evolution towards careers as racing drivers.   Dr. Marko’s firm grasp over the program may have also contributed to its demise, failing to lean on other advisors to decide on the hiring and firing of drivers for the team.

Though there is little chance, let’s see if Red Bull shows up again in GP2… the synergies make sense but the strategy just isn’t there,


2 Responses to Red Bull continues to shun GP2

  1. britsonpole says:

    You have to think that, smaller and poorer-funded though it is by far, the Racing Steps Foundation is doing a better job of building a career-structure for the drivers it supports. Turvey to iSport today, apparently. Calado moving up to British F3 with Carlin. Can it crack F1? Probably not. But there’s a clear sense of planning and vision.

  2. gp2 insider says:

    I was reading into this Foundation today with the Turvey and Calado annoucement. What is their objective? Is it simply a non-profit organization? Do they have interests in the driver’s future earnings? It seems like a solid company, though many have tried before and run out of patience, money or both – quickly…

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