Why race GP2 Asia?

I know I’m a bit too hard on the whole GP2 Asia concept, but this morning an email from my friend Monegasque made me think… what’s the point of racing GP2 Asia?

For example, picture this scenario.

  • If Bianchi/Ericsson/vd Garde, etc win GP2 Asia everyone will say: “of course, he’s the best driver in the best team.”
  • But, if (theory, just an example so don’t crucify me!) Mortara/Valsecchi/Villa win with a Piquet/DAMS/Coloni, everyone will say:  “he won because the top teams don’t take this championship seriously.”

Is GP2 Asia good training for GP2 Main?  Maybe.  Is GP2 Asia a high profile international racing series?  No.  Will GP2 Asia catapult a struggling driver’s career in Europe?  Definitely not.

So, back to the question… why race in GP2 Asia?


5 Responses to Why race GP2 Asia?

  1. Nick says:

    – So, back to the question… why race in GP2 Asia? –

    For two main reason :
    1) be in good shape and ( if the driver is a rookie ) have a basic training with the car.
    2) make BM& partners more rich than now!


    • gp2 insider says:

      Nick…. good one!

      Point #2 is clear…

      Point #1…If you want to be in shape, much cheaper and less risky alternatives than racing around in obsolete GP2 cars in empty tracks in the Middle East. Lots of track testing alternatives in Europe without having to travel to Bahrain.

      A GP2 winter series in Spain, Portugal, southern Italy would be much more valuable to drivers, appealing to some (not many) fans and much cheaper for teams to travel to.

  2. Big' says:

    The budget of Tech 1 Racing for GP3 series is about 2 millions €,it’s not the most rich team of the field.


  3. Spudy says:

    Asia is a big market and with racing an ever expanding business out there it is natural for GP2 to compete there too. At the moment it is expensive but that is only down to the economic conditions at the moment. That is why to preserve the series GP2 has dropped to 4 races in Asia this year. I would expect when things pick up GP2 Asia will get going again. Next year the current GP2 car will go out there and to keep costs down GP2 main will not be getting a completely new car like they did in 2008 so Asia and Europe will be running with very similar cars making GP2 Asia more relevant.

    iSport has already proved that Asia is profitable with a Gulf Finance House title sponsorship last year and Meritus doing well also.

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